SiteGround vs FastComet |Jan 2021| A Comprehensive Comparison

If you don’t know whether to choose SiteGround or FastComet because you contrast the reviews you found and aren’t even sure what to compare them on, then you’ve come to the right place. A lot of factors go into choosing a web hosting company, and considering the consequences of choosing a poor host, it’s no wonder that many people find the experience less than pleasant.


If you don’t know whether to choose SiteGround or FastComet because you contrast the reviews you found and aren’t even sure what to compare them on, then you’ve come to the right place.

A lot of factors go into choosing a web hosting company, and considering the consequences of choosing a poor host, it’s no wonder that many people find the experience less than pleasant.

After all, if you choose the wrong host, you could end up with a website that is nothing more than a fancy digital paperweight. Your traffic will dwindle, and your business will suffer for it.

The good news is that I’m going to fix all that for you. The following is a comprehensive review of SiteGround vs FastComet that uses plain English and analyzes the most important factors.

You can also be sure that this review is completely impartial and objective. I’m not trying to get you to buy anything. I’m only interested in making sure that you work with the best host for your needs. So, I’ve tested both hosting companies and you can find the results below.

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SiteGround was founded in 2004, whereas FastComet was founded in 2010 but only expanded into web hosting in 2013.

SiteGround Vs Fastcomet Overview:

PopularityPopularNew company– SiteGround
Website SpeedVery fastFast– SiteGround
UptimeHigh reliabilityHigh reliability– SiteGround and Fastcomet
SecurityHighly secureHighly secure– SiteGround and Fastcomet
For BeginnersRecommended for beginnersRecommended for beginners – SiteGround and Fastcomet
WordPress and CloudSupportedSupported– SiteGround and Fastcomet
PricingCheap Initial price, renewals are 3xMore affordable-Fastcomet
Customer SupportExcellentExcellent-SiteGround and Fastcomet
UA InterfacecPanelcPanelSiteGround and Fastcomet
Overall Score87Host With SiteGround

Which hosting is better for you?

SiteGround is a better hosting choice overall compared to Fastcomet. In other words, SiteGround is faster, more popular and offers better scalability for small to big websites. On the other hand, Fastcomet is a new company with solid performance, and their initial and renewal prices are much better than SiteGround. If price is an issue, Fastcomet offers better value for money.

Let’s see how we came to the above conclusion.

SiteGround vs FastComet: Performance, Reliability and Speed Test

Siteground has taken a highly innovative approach to web hosting, and over the years has been at the forefront of offering top-quality services and hardware.

Thus, they have their own SuperCacher, they offer free CDN by Cloudfare, they use SSD drives, and NGINX web server tech, all in an effort to ensure that their customers are provided with outstanding performance. It should be noted that FastComet has similar options, including SSD-only servers.

Not many companies offer SSD-only servers due to the higher costs of these drives. However, they are certainly more reliable and faster than HDDs, which is why your best option is to go with a company that relies on SSDs.


SiteGround vs FastComet: Uptime Test

Like most web hosting companies, SiteGround and FastComet both offer a guaranteed 99.99% uptime. However, you can’t always rely on guarantees, which is why we went ahead and tested both companies.

SiteGround’s uptime was on par with their guarantee, meaning that they achieved an uptime of 99.99% over the past year. As far as we’ve seen, they have some of the most reliable servers in the industry and rarely disappoint.SiteGround Uptime report

By comparison, FastComet achieved an uptime of 99.98% with only three outages. While this indicates FastComet’s servers are quite reliable, SiteGround still offers slightly better performance.

Fastcomet Uptime report

If you want to get a better idea of how well the two companies performed, you can enter different data points into the following graph to see the uptime of FastComet vs SiteGround in different situations.

★ Winner Tie.

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SiteGround vs FastComet: Server Quality Test

We test server quality test because it will provide us with an indication of how good the servers are, but also to see how quickly your website will load under high stress from many visitors coming to your site at the time. The latter is an essential metric in choosing a good host.

The test was conducted using identical websites to ensure it was fair. Thus, the sites featured WordPress installations and used the same themes, the same number of images, as well as identical page sizes, content, and requests. All plugins and caching systems were disabled.

In the graphs below, the blue line represents the number of individual users, while the green line represents server response time.

SiteGround definitely impressed us with their average response time of 515 ms, which was relatively stable all the way up to 99 concurrent users.


On the other hand, FastComet’s results were less than impressive. Up to about 25 concurrent users, their servers had an impressive response time of 471 ms.

Fastcomet load impact server response time

Subsequently, though, the response time slowed down until it got to 36 seconds, and that was at only 40 concurrent users. We didn’t bother throwing more users at them because we were worried we’d end up waiting the whole day for a page to load.Fastcomet load impact response time at 40VUS

Clearly, in terms of server quality test, SiteGround wins hands down.

In defense of Fastcomet, while having a lot of concurrent connections is good, most customers will likely hit another resource limit even before they can hit those high concurrent users count depending on their website’s structure. If your website will receive only up to 50 visitors at a time, Fastcomet is as fast as SiteGround. 

We also need to consider the fact that Fastcomet is very cheap compared to SiteGround. So Fastcomet is not bad after all if your requirement is not so high.

★ Winner SiteGround.

Prices, Plan, and Features

SiteGround offers a number of plans for every budget. Whether you’re looking to host a single, small website or require space for a larger website with heavy traffic, SiteGround has a plan for you.

The StartUp plan available at $3.95, for example, is designed for a basic website or average-sized blog with less than 10,000 unique visits per month. It includes a free website builder, 24/7 technical support, SSD storage, a free CMS install, free auto daily backups, unlimited emails accounts, free Cloudflare CDN and more.

The GrowBig plan, available at $6.45 per month allows you to host unlimited websites. It’s designed to provide the best performance for either a single website with slightly heavier traffic or multiple sites with average levels of traffic.

The GoGeek plan features separate instances so that customers can share fewer resources on the same server, ensuring better performance. It’s a plan that’s designed for larger websites or average-sized ecommerce sites.

FastComet’s plans appear to be slightly cheaper than SiteGround’s offer but, like the latter, they also offer a range of plans that meet any needs.

The FastCloud plan is the smallest of the bunch and comes with a free domain for one year, 15GB of SSD space and unmetered traffic. You can only host one website. Other services and features seem to be on par with SiteGround.

FastCloud Plus allows for multiple websites and features 25GB of SSD space, while also including all the features of the FastCloud plan. It also comes with 3 free website transfers, a free private DNS, 1-Click Restore Manager, double the CPU and RAM, unlimited addon domains and more. This is all available at $5.95.

The FastCloud Extra offers 35GB of SSD space plus all the features provided by the other plans. It also comes with 3 times the CPU power and RAM, 3 times fewer clients per server, APC and Opcode cache and much more. This plan is available at $9.95 per month.

For more details on the plans on offer from FastComet and SiteGround, please see the table below:

Regular Price $ 3.95 per month $ 5.95 per month $ 11.95 per month $ 3.95 per month $ 5.95 per month $ 9.95 per month
Plan Name Start Up Grow Big Go Geek FastCloud FastCloud Plus FastCloud Extra
Visitors Per Month 10000 25000 100000 25000 50000 100000
Domains Allowed 1 Unlimited Unlimited 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Web Space 10 GB 20 GB 30 GB 15 GB 25 GB 35 GB
Free SSL Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sub Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Parked Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free Included Domains No No No Yes Yes Yes
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days 45 Days 45 Days 45 Days
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Control Panel Custom Custom Custom cPanel cPanel cPanel
Free CDN Cloudflare Cloudflare Cloudflare Cloudflare Cloudflare Cloudflare
Google Adword Credit No No No No No No
Free Site Backup Yes for past 30 days Yes for past 30 days Yes for past 30 days Yes for past 7 days Yes for past 7 days Yes for past 30 days
Backup On Demand No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Operating System Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux
Free Site Transfer Yes (1) Yes (1) Yes (1) Yes (1) Yes (3) Yes (3)
24/7 Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Priority Support No No Yes No No No
Staging Site No Yes Yes No No No
Free SSH and STFP Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PHP 7.3 7.3 7.3 7.3 7.3 7.3
Buy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now
★ Winner Fastcomet.

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SiteGround vs FastComet: Customer Support

Quality customer support is vital so we took the time to test both companies. Thus, the results of our FastComet vs SiteGround customer support test are as follows:

SiteGround clearly cares about their customers because they offer a number of ways for you to get the support that you need.

Thus, they offer a 24/7/365-day live chat, the ticking things system, as well as a toll number.

The wait time for their live chat is less than 5 seconds, whereas you can expect a response within 10 minutes on the ticketing system. As a reference point, I’ve waited as long as 5 minutes on other live chat systems.


They also have a feature that allows you to see the bio of every support rep, which includes user ratings, work experience, and skill set.

FastComet also boasts 24/7 support but they only offer live chat and a ticketing system. Their live chat system is effective and their representatives are knowledgeable and eager to help. It only took three minutes for them to solve a problem for me.

Fastcomet live chat started time

Fastcomet live chat ended time

The ticketing system also delivered excellent results as it took them only 9 minutes to answer my question. For a ticketing system, that is quite impressive.Fastcomet support ticket reliability

Based on customer support, FastComet and SiteGround are neck to neck in terms of quality of representative and quick response.

★ Winner Tie.

SiteGround vs FastComet: User Interface

Both SiteGround and FastComet offer cPanel, but FastComet also includes Softaculous. As cPanel is the most popular user interface around – and the easiest to use – it’s a great option for newbies and veterans alike.

Note: SiteGround shifted from cPanel to a new custom user interface called SiteTools as of August 2019. We tested this user interface and it seems to offer more feature and ease of use is better compared to cPanel.

SiteGround User Interface

SiteGround Site Tools file manager SiteGround Site Tools user interface

Fastcomet UA Interface

Fastcomet control panel

Both companies offer a wide range of one-click installers for some of the most popular scripts, including Joomla, WordPress, and Weebly.

★ Winner Tie.

FastComet vs SiteGround: User Reviews

Based on their Tweets, SiteGround users are extremely happy with the company. Not only are they more than pleased with the quality of the service, but people are extremely ecstatic with the customer support team. Users repeatedly call the service fantastic and state that their support is unparalleled.

Of course, there are some displeased customers, but that tends to be the exception rather than the rule. After all, no service can be absolutely perfect and it certainly can’t make everyone happy.

For more opinions, check out the live tweets below:

FastComet also seems to have quite a few positive user reviews, especially in terms of the service they offer. However, there were some disgruntled users in terms of the effectiveness of their customer support.

For more user opinions, please check out the twitter feed below:

Fastcomet user review

FastComet vs SiteGround: Free Website Migration

Both companies offer free website migration, but it’s not enough to offer it as a service. They also have to know what they’re doing. And if it takes them a month to get around to it, it’s pretty much a waste of time.

I tested SiteGround’s migration service. Their team was able to transfer my website with absolutely no issues within 24 hours, despite the fact that it was a weekend. That is truly impressive service.SiteGround-Migration-feature

Well, we thought so until I initiated a transfer request with FastComet. They did it in approximately 45 minutes, despite the fact that I initiated the request at 11 PM on a Friday night. And it only took them two minutes to reply to my request, which is even more impressive.

Fastcomet website transfer

In this situation, FastComet wins hands down because the speed of migration was ridiculously fast.

★ Winner Tie.

SiteGround vs FastComet: Renewal

We all know that some companies practice higher renewal charges, which can often come as a surprise. Unfortunately, SiteGround is in the habit of charging a higher rate when you renew your plan with them.

SiteGround High Renewal price

Conversely, FastComet’s prices also increase, but not as high as SiteGround’s

Fastcomet High Rnewal Price

★ Winner Fastcomet.

SiteGround vs FastComet: Final Analysis

In terms of support, uptime, and the interface on offer, FastComet and SiteGround are on equal footing. However, SiteGround offers better speed and reliability, whereas FastComet’s renewal price and site migration service is better.

Overall, though, SiteGround is a better choice simply because we cannot stress enough the importance of speed and reliability. After all, you could put up with a lot of things, but the one thing you should never put up with is less than stellar reliability and speed because, otherwise, your traffic will suffer, which means your business will suffer too.

However, Fastcomet is still good and offers great performance and features for a better price than SiteGround. If you are on a tight budget, Fastcomet is better and more affordable than SiteGround.

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  1. Thanks for the article, but I’ve got a bit ocnfused:

    In the post where you compare the 3 different SiteGround plans, you report you’ve got 15 ms of load time for 500 concurrent visitors, right? But here you’re getting 500 ms for 100 visitors.

    That said, could you please clarify what made that huge difference? Was it a difference in the website you’ve used as a test?

    Thanks! ! !

    1. The test was conducted using different tools, 500 concurrent visitors test was conducted using load impact 4.0 cloud testing platform whereas test in this post was conducted using load impact 3.0 platform.

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