Kinsta Review: Is It the Best WordPress Hosting of 2021?

You may have heard of Kinsta and thought that their offer sounds pretty great. You might have even checked out a Kinsta review or two, which seemed quite good. However, you’re still on the fence because you aren’t sure if you can trust the hype. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can trust the hype. Kinsta really is as great as everyone makes it out to be. Unlike others, though, I’m going to provide evidence to support my claims.

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You may have heard of Kinsta and thought that their offer sounds pretty great. You might have even checked out a Kinsta review or two, which seemed quite good. However, you’re still on the fence because you aren’t sure if you can trust the hype.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you can trust the hype. Kinsta really is as great as everyone makes it out to be. Unlike others, though, I’m going to provide evidence to support my claims.

Like with all the other web hosting providers I review, I conducted a series of tests to determine whether or not Kinsta delivered on their promises.

Kinsta was good enough to offer us a test account so we could test their services. This was already a point in their favor. Since they knew that we were planning to test them, giving us a test account proved they were confident. Clearly, they had a good reason for it, as you’ll soon see.

We uploaded a heavy theme so we could really test how well Kinsta performed under pressure. The tests we conducted are as follows:

Remember, Kinsta is a web hosting provider that’s dedicated to WordPress. Their servers are optimized for WordPress sites, whether they’re small blogs or huge enterprise sites.

What we really appreciate about Kinsta is their attention to detail. They really offer an excellent service from start to finish.

We’re also working on a series of comparisons between some of the more popular hosting providers and Kinsta. So, if you’re having trouble choosing a good host and are looking for Kinsta alternatives, you can check out these comparisons, starting with Bluehost vs Kinsta and Bluehost Vs SiteGround.

Kinsta Review and Conclusions at a Glance

We gave Kinsta a rating of 4.3 out of 5 as they offer the best solution for fast WordPress hosting. We ranked it second in our overall list of top web hosting providers.

One major issue we have with this provider, and the reason it didn’t get 5 out of 5, is due to Kinsta pricing. They are quite expensive, especially when compared to SiteGround, which remains in the first place.

However, if budget is not an issue, then you can’t go wrong with Kinsta. They truly are the best host in terms of speed and reliability.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how Kinsta performed in each of the aforementioned tests.

Kinsta Uptime

Uptime refers to the amount of time your website is functional and can be accessed by users. In large part, your web hosting provider is responsible for how long your website is down. The longer your site is down, the more traffic you will lose because people can’t access your site. If it’s down for too long, users will eventually give up trying to access it, which will hurt your reputation.

With Kinsta, downtime will never be a problem as our tests revealed they have an uptime of 100% with an excellent average response time of 489ms.

– Kinsta Uptime

The 100% uptime is incredibly impressive because it’s very difficult to achieve. In fact, most hosting providers are unable to offer such a figure and generally gravitate around 99%.

Kinsta Speed

When referring to speed with a web hosting provider, we mean how fast your website loads when a user accesses it. The faster your site loads, the better. In fact, statistics show that 40% of people will abandon any site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load, with 47% of users expecting a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. So, if you don’t want to lose traffic, then your site needs to load quickly.

While you can do quite a lot to increase the speed of your webpage, there is one factor you have no control over and that is the capability of your web hosting provider’s servers. The better the servers, and the more resources they allocate to your site, the faster your page will load.

To determine how good Kinsta’s servers are, we ran a load impact test. The test starts by sending one mock visitor to the website and then increases the number of concurrent visitors up to 50. The goal is to determine how fast the servers respond when they are put under pressure.

In the graph below, the blue line represents the number of visitors, while the green line represents the response time. As you can see, Kinsta’s response time remained relatively stable at around 125 ms all the way through to 50 concurrent visits, which is very impressive.

– Kinsta Speed Test


By comparison, SiteGround, which is our top-rated web hosting provider, achieved a response time of 550 ms for the same number of concurrent visits.

– SiteGround Speed

This speed is possible because Kinsta uses Premium Tier Network of Google Cloud Platform for hosting its websites.

What does this mean?

Google Cloud Platform is one of the most used Cloud Platform along with Azure and AWS. Your website will be hosted using the same infrastructure that is being used by the likes of Youtube, Gmail, Google Maps, etc,. Some of the notable clients that use Google Cloud Platform include HSBC, Sony, Snapchat, etc,.

Even Apple has been using Google Cloud for hosting its iCloud data. This is the reason Kinsta is very fast, they use the same technology used by all the big corporate websites in the world.

Kinsta has a churn rate of 5%, Kinsta customer never leaves them. Kinsta claims that their customer leave and then are forced to come back after noticing the changes in site speed after leaving. This is what happened when one of the customers left Kinsta.

Load Time with Kinsta Vs Without Kinsta
– Load time after leaving Kinsta

In conclusion, Kinsta is really fast. In fact, we can say in this Kinsta review that this host is the fastest we’ve ever tested.

Kinsta is the best when it comes to Auto-Scaling

Kinsta is well accomplished to meet your sudden surges in traffic and load due to their exceptional auto-scaling feature. Hardware resources are allocated to each site automatically by their virtual to scale up or down as needed by the demands of your site.

Kinsta autoscaling
– Kinsta is excellent in handling sudden traffic and surges.

Kinsta’s client DartDrones is a great example of a company benefiting from scalability and power of Kinsta and Google Cloud Platform. DartDrones company approached Kinsta prior to airing on the U.S. TV series Shark Tank and chatted with Kinsta support engineers to discuss how to best cope and scale its Wocommerce to receive around a million visitors in one day. Within 6 hours, DARTDrones received a total of 1,263,233 requests. Kinsta managed to handle this without a single minute of downtime.

# PHP version used by Kinsta

Kinsta uses PHP 7.3, which is the latest version available right now. PHP is a server language used by WordPress. Using the latest version of PHP helps in increasing the security and speed of your website at large. Here’s a graph which shows the difference in speed offered by different PHP versions.


Also, Kinsta was one of the first company to adopt PHP 7.3. They started using it within weeks of its official release.

#Google Highly Recommends Kinsta

Google hardly speak about any hosting companies. However, they dedicated an entire blog post to praise the service offered by Kinsta, and gone on to claim Kinsta as the fastest growing WordPress host in Europe and America.

Kinsta Premium DNS

A premium DNS service helps protect your website in the event of a DDoS attack, making it an essential service. Furthermore, if a massive DDoS attack does occur, it acts as a failover DNS strategy. Thus, visitors will still be able to see your website. It can also improve performance because it acts like a CDN spreading copies of your website over numerous locations worldwide.

To determine the quality of the premium DNS service for this Kinsta review, we tested the speed. The result was an average of 32.6 ms as you can see in the chart below, which is excellent.

– Kinsta DNS speed

For a point of comparison, Bluehost, for example, has an average response time of 114.12 ms, which makes Kinsta 3.5 times faster.

– Bluehost DNS speed

Kinsta Support

Good customer support is essential when it comes to web hosting. Even a small issue could limit access to your website, which could lead to disastrous results. So, you need to be able to get in touch with support quickly and easily to resolve any issues. Plus, they need to know what they’re doing so they can actually solve your problem.

Kinsta only offers one support channel, namely a live chat feature. The live chat is excellent. The customer support team responds quickly. It only took us a few minutes to reach someone. Plus, they are quite helpful and knowledgeable.

According to Intercom, Kinsta support has a median first response time of just 1m 35s. Also, their median time to close is 48m 37s.

This is an exceptional figure considering that some hosting companies take almost 30 minutes to just get an initial response.

Kinsta Support median first response and close time

Furthermore, these live chats are saved, just like with Facebook. Thus, you can see old conversations. You can also access the live chat easily with one quick right from the dashboard. You also don’t need to authenticate, which makes things go much faster.

Some web hosts ask for account passwords, credit card numbers, or specially generated codes to authenticate on the live chat. That definitely slows things down, which is why we like Kinsta’s approach.

Kinsta-support- review
– Kinsta Live Chat

However, having only one channel for support is definitely problematic. We’d at least have liked to see a phone line for emergencies.

Kinsta Interface

Kinsta uses its own proprietary interface as a dashboard. They don’t offer cPanel, so you’ll have to get used to using their custom interface.

Also, you can transfer files only through FTP. The lack of cPanel might be problematic, especially if that’s the interface you’re used to using. Since it is the most utilized control panel and 90% of the top web hosting providers use it, there’s a good chance you’re pretty accustomed to it.

– Kinsta Interface

Kinsta explains that they created their own dashboard so that it would work as efficiently as possible with WordPress. In other words, it was designed and developed specifically for WordPress, making Kinsta optimized for this CMS from top to bottom.

Kinsta Pricing

Kinsta pricing is one of the factors that stopped this web hosting provider from taking the top spot in our list of the best hosting providers. Undoubtedly, Kinsta offers a premium service and the price reflects that. So, if you have a small site with only a few hundred visitors per day, then you’re probably better off choosing a cheaper host.

Kinsta offers a number of plans. There’s the Starter plan, the Kinsta Pro Plan, the Kinsta Business Plans and a Kinsta Enterprise Plan with different levels for larger organizations.

The Starter plan is quite expensive at $30 per month. It’s recommended for sites with up to 20,000 visits per month and comes with 5 GB of SSD storage, a free CDN of 50 GB, a free migration, free backups, a staging area and more.

So, you definitely get your money’s worth for $30 per month. Plus, many of the features they offer free are only available for a fee from other web hosting providers, as you can see in our Kinsta vs Bluehost comparison.

However, if you don’t need all the bells and whistles, then Kinsta simply might be too expensive and not worth it in your particular case.

The Kinsta Pro Plan starts at $60 per month and allows hosting of two WordPress websites with up to 40,000 visits. You get SSD storage of 10 GB and a free CDN of 100 GB. Of course, it also includes everything the Starter plan does.

The Kinsta business plan options are $100 and $200 per month, respectively. The cheaper option is for 5 sites and up to 100,000 visitors per month, while the more expensive is for 10 sites and up to 250,000 visitors per month.

The Kinsta enterprise plan options start at $600 and go all the way up to $1,500 per month.

You get SSD storage of 15 GB and 20 GB, respectively, along with free CDNs of 200 GB and 300 GB.

Note:- Backups and Staging site are excluded from total disk calculation with Kinsta. That’s important as Backups and staging take almost 60% of your disk space in most cases.

Regular Price $ 30 per month $ 60 per month $ 100 per month $ 600 per month
Websites allowed 1 2 5 60
Monthly visits 20,000 40,000 100,000 1000,000
Disk space 10 GB 20 GB 30 GB 100 GB
Free CDN Yes Yes Yes Yes
Money Back Guarantee 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days
Email accounts No No No No
Free site transfer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Servers Google Cloud Platform premium network Same Same Same
Server location 20 20 20 20
Multisite support No Yes Yes Yes
Automatic daily backups Yes Yes Yes Yes
On demand backups Yes Yes Yes Yes
Backup retention 14 days 14 days 14 days 30 days
24/7 support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Staging Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free SSL Yes Yes Yes Yes
SSH access Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advanced caching Yes Yes Yes Yes
PHP execution workers
PHP workers execute the code on your WordPress site. Additional PHP workers per site allow for multiple requests to execute simultaneously.
2 2 4 8
Operating system Linux Linux Linux Linux
Sign UpSign UpSign UpSign Up

So, while all the features on offer are pretty great, Kinsta is still quite expensive, especially for beginner webmasters with small sites.

Kinsta Staging

Kinsta offers a great feature called a staging area that will save you a lot of hassle and aggravation. It allows you to test anything you want on your website without affecting the live version of your site. So, if something does go wrong, the live version of your site won’t be affected and users won’t experience any problems.

It’s also quite easy to use. It only takes a few clicks for you to create a staging environment for your site and you can do it right from the dashboard. The system creates an exact replica of your site that is separate from the live version.

– Kinsta Staging

You can then test anything you like on this development site, including new WordPress versions, plugins, designs, code, and so on. You can even share it with your team, making it very easy to update your site, regardless of who is working on it.

Kinsta Backup Feature

Having a backup feature is critical for your website. Things can go wrong and without a backup, you could find yourself with a site that isn’t working properly, or one that’s completely unavailable. This will significantly damage your reputation and your traffic will drop. When you have a backup, though, you can restore your site with a few clicks, making life so much easier.

Kinsta offers an automatic backup feature for free. The system makes a backup of your website every day, which you can then keep for two weeks. You’re also able to restore the backup version of your website at any time. So, you’ll always have a previous version of your site available in case the worst happens.

Kinsta-Backup- review
– Kinsta Backup

We are quite impressed with Kinsta for this backup feature because many hosting companies charge an additional fee for backups, as you’ll see if you check out our Kinsta vs Bluehost comparison.

Kinsta Server Locations

Kinsta uses the Google cloud platform, and they offer an impressive number of server locations across the globe. This is critical because the location of the server has an impact on speed.

The physical distance between the user’s computer and the servers where your site is hosted affects speed. The farther the data has to travel, the longer it will take to get there, which will slow your web page down. Of course, the closer the server is to the end-user, the faster the page will load.

The advantage of having access to multiple locations across the world is that you can choose which server your website will be hosted on. Of course, you’ll naturally opt for the server that’s closes to the majority of your target market.

So, if most of your users are in Europe, you’ll opt for a server in Germany, for example.

Selecting a data center is especially important for customers in the European Union, where General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) stipulate strict rules around the data location.

Kinsta uses LXD based containers for storing your website data, each website in your account is stored in a separate container unlike other hostings, which stores all the websites in an account in the same server. This amazing feature helps in better security and also gives Kinsta the ability to choose different servers for different websites. So, even if you have the Kinsta Business Plan and have 5 websites on the same account, you can choose a different server location for each website. This definitely makes managing your sites easier as you won’t need separate accounts for different locations.

Kinsta Data center locations

Kinsta Popularity

While Kinsta isn’t the biggest or the most popular web hosting provider, we’re convinced that it won’t be long before this web host becomes a market leader. Their business model is focused on the customer and they have opted to forgo venture capital funding so they can keep control of the company. This is likely why they offer such a great service, and why they are constantly improving.

The real surge in their popularity was once they shifted their entire infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform. They became the first hosting provider to use Google Cloud and this really helped them to grow faster.

According to Kinsta, in 2018, they increased their revenues by 124% over 2017. This increase meant that their earnings were 11 times greater than in 2015, showing just how impressive their growth has been.

Furthermore, their client base grew more than 262% in 2018 compared to 157.7% in 2017. This incredible growth rate is likely to continue in 2019, especially since the company continues to expand and improve their services to ensure customer satisfaction.

Kinsta Popularity by google trends
– Kinsta Popularity growth by Google Trends.

Interestingly enough, unlike other companies that have resorted to staff cuts, Kinsta has done the exact opposite. They’ve hired on more developers, engineers, and other experts. That’s another point in their favor. Not only are they expanding the team to continue providing great services, but they only hire the best.

Even their customer support team is made up of experienced support engineers so that you can be certain they’ll fix your problem. You won’t end up being put on hold by a call center worker who doesn’t have the skills to help you.

So, yes, this Kinsta review firmly believes this company will continue to grow at an impressive rate and it won’t be long before it outclasses many of its competitors in terms of popularity.

Kinsta Final Verdict

We recommend Kinsta for people who are serious about their website and who want to build a business. Furthermore, Kinsta is the hosting provider for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with issues non-stop. Kinsta really takes customer satisfaction to a whole new level.

However, no matter where you read a Kinsta review (Reddit or anywhere else), if they’re recommending this web hosting provider for small blogs with no earning potential, then we advise that you ignore them.

This is a professional service, and Kinsta pricing reflects this fact. So, we strongly advise that you choose a cheaper host to start with, especially if you don’t plan to make a profit from your website.

Conversely, if you are running a business that you plan to grow, then Kinsta is a professional and unique web hosting provider that you absolutely need. Their service is excellent and reliable, and you are guaranteed to be more than satisfied with the results.

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