Hostmonster vs HostGator vs Inmotion Hosting – Which One Offers the Best Service?

Web hosting plays significant role in running an online business. There are several services included in web hosting that is why it would cost you big amount of money. To make your money valuable, it is necessary to choose the right hosting provider that can help in developing your website. There are millions of providers that you can find online. That is why it is necessary to check first the users recommendations and reviews. I hope I am able to assist you in picking the right web hosting through this Hostmonster vs HostGator vs Inmotion hosting review.

Three of the recommended web hosting providers includes Hostmonster, Hostgator and InMotion.  Likewise, you should also consider the different criteria such as server performance, technical support, reliability, customer service and prices. It is also necessary to check the reputation of the provider in forum websites and online communities.

Brief Introduction of HostMonster, Hostgator and InMotion Hosting Providers

HostMonster – This web hosting company is giving hosting solutions to millions of personal and business websites. They ensure providing quality service at affordable costs. Getting their hosting service you can expect to gain highest customer service, quality equipment, maximum uptime, highly functional administration tools, secure backups, honest and solid business practices.

HostGator – It is a big web hosting provider that provides services to about 1% of websites on the internet. This provider was created by Brent Oxley in 2002 and was based in Houstin , USA. Today, Hostgator is under the EIG after it was sold in 2012. EIG is the parent company of many web host providers like HostMonster, BlueHost, FatCow and many others.

InMotion – This is one of the world-famous web hosting companies that provides hosting services to millions of websites. It uses Linux-based web hosting service and was founded by Todd Robinson in 2001. It is a reputable provider offering premium hosting service at reasonable rate. For more than 13 years, InMotion is serving with high-level performance.

Plans and Features

The competition in gaining and attracting loyal customers is getting stiffer. That is why web hosting providers ensure giving their clients quality services in which their business will benefit. However, most clients are finding hard time in choosing the provider that can provide satisfactory and affordable service.

If you are looking for the best web hosting provider, it is necessary to set a standard that will help you in making the right choice. You can consider the reliability, plans and features and support systems. Choose the one that has an edge over the other.

HostGator – The hosting plan of this web hosting company is $7.95 and also features including unlimited bandwidth and disk space, web hosting to unlimited websites, free instant set up and free site builder.

HostMonster – The hosting plan of HostMonster is cheaper and they provide special promo of $5.95 monthly. It features unlimited hosting space, unlimited bandwidth, host unlimited domains and free set up. They also offer multimedia features, e-commerce features and free website scripts.

InMotion – Among the three web hosting providers, InMotion is the most expensive though the features are more comprehensive as compared to others. It offers unlimited monthly data transfer, unlimited web space, free domain name transfer or registration, no downtime website transfers, uses Linux with SSD hardware, 24/7 technical support US-based and 99.9% uptime.

Features HostGator Hatchling HostGator Baby Hostmonster Starter Hostmonster Plus Inmotion Basic
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited 100GB Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited 100 100 Unlimited
Domains Allowed 1 Unlimited 1 Unlimited      2
Free Domain No No Yes Yes Yes
Database Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Control Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel Web Panel
For 1 Month $6.27 or get it for $0.01 by using coupon: Discountme50 $6.27 or get it for $0.01 by using coupon: Discountme50 No Monthly Plans No Monthly Plans No Monthly Plans
12 month Plan $4.83 $6.96 $6.96 $8.95 $6.95
2 Year Term $4.12 $6.25 $5.55 $8.95 $5.95
3 Year Term $3.33 (Best Price*)- Use coupon WEBMASTEROCT14 for 25% OR more discount on final cart. $5.15 $3.95 $8.95 $5.95
Sign Up Now! Sign Up Now! Sign Up Now! Sign Up Now! Sign Up Now!


All these hosting provider uses cPanel as control panel, which is one of the most used and accessible control panel in the world. I have given a demo link for these control panel.

HostGator cPanel Demo HostMonster cPanel Demo  Inmotion cPanel Demo

Performance & Reliability

The reliability of the web hosting provider is measured according to network uptime guarantee.  These three providers are claiming to provide 99.9% uptime guarantee. It is important to choose a provider that can offer reliable, stable and secure web hosting services. When it comes to the data centers and data both HostGator and HostMonster are using CGI that facilitates uninterrupted services and high quality performance.

Likewise, these two are equipped with powerful site backups, yet HostGator provides back up every six hours while HostMonster performs backup once a day. On the other hand, InMotion is using Speed Zone technology giving assurance that your system will run fast.

Following are some test to depict different performatical aspects of these web hosting companies.

Uptime Report:-

This is the last month’s uptime report of my website which runs on HostGator. Hardly you willl you find any major downtime with regard to HostGator.

HostGator Uptime report
HostGator Uptime report for the month of August 2014

Average Uptime report of websites running with HostGator, HostMonster and Inmotion for the last seven month is given below.

[visualizer id=”1520″]

Server Response Time

Following graph shows the Server Response time of websites with these hosting companies. HostGator recorded the best server response time, averaging 225 ms. 

[visualizer id=”1521″]

Customer Support 

In terms of technical and customer support, both the HostMonster and HostGator are giving 24/7/365 support. This makes them a little ahead with InMotion. They provide support through email and live chat. The ticketing system that is offered by HostMonster and HostGator causes little waiting time as compared to InMotion that provides thorough and quick live support.

General Aspect

As mentioned earlier, InMotion is using Linux-based servers that work well to most customers. On the other hand, HostGator allows their customers to choose either Windows or Linux hosting that is tailored to answer the specific needs of business owners. In fact, most customers prefer HostGator because the e-commerce features offer great value for the money. Likewise, this web hosting provider offers freebies included in the web hosting packages.

The good thing about these three web hosting providers is that their support teams are knowledgeable about their profession and the job they need to know. They can resolve the problem quickly for the welfare of the customer. In choosing the best web hosting provider it is important to consider the one that can offer greater advantage to your business.

Indeed, finding the best web hosting provider takes a lot of hard work. It is an important requirement to any website so that it will be easier to access the content and files in your website. In choosing a provider, see to it that they can give assurance that your website will be protected from hackers and will be user-friendly.

This article will help you in making the right choice, but this is not enough. You can also look for reviews of previous and current customers so that you will have solid idea of which one will work best for your business.  Before choosing web hosting provider you should determine what your business or website needs. There are two different kinds of hosting such as shared server hosting and dedicated server hosting.

It would cost you big amount of money in getting web hosting service that is why it is important to ensure that the service would value your money.

Hostmonster vs HostGator vs Inmotion Hosting – My thoughtful recommendation

Pondering all the aspects in finding the right web hosting provider, I found out that HostGator is highly recommended not to mention the expenses it would cost you, but how it will work for your business in the long run. You can consult a professional web master so that you will have idea which web hosting is necessary for your business. It would cost you big amount of money in getting web hosting service that is why it is important to ensure that the service would value your money.

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