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For some years HostGator has been a top choice for most of the blogger’s for Hosting their Website. Moreover I think that you have read my HostGator review and got convinced about their capability of hosting your website.

So you are here to get some discount for their Hosting package? Don’t worry, you are in the right place. This article about HostGator Coupon code will guide you through all such discounts available for your HostGator hosting packages.

You can use HostGator Coupon code to avail valuable discount while purchasing any of their package. There are many Coupon code available depending on Hosting packages you ought to purchase. In this post you are not only going to read about HostGator coupon code and how to use it, but I will also guide you through the process of finding a suitable coupon code for your selected hosting package.

Hostgator provide two types of coupon code. They are :

  1. $9.94 off  Hostgator Coupon codeDiscountme50
  2. 30% off  Hostgator Coupon codeHGHOSTING30

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Which Coupon code to use?

Use $9.94 off HostGator coupon code Discountme50 only when you are going to purchase any hosting package  for just one month. For big packages I would prefer 30% off coupon Code HGHOSTING30 to avail large discounts.

See the below pictures and you will understand why I preferred the above method.


Hostgator Coupon code For 1 month Plan
Hostgator coupon code for 1 month Plan
Hostgator coupon code
Hostgator coupon code for large Hosting Packages


From the above pictures you can conclude that for smaller Plans, we should use $9.94 worth coupon code whereas for larger plans we should use 30% off worth coupon code.

Use Coupon code Discountme50 to get one month of HostGator hosting package for  just $0.01.

Use Coupon code HGHOSTING30 to avail 30% Discount on all HostGator hosting  packages.

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How to Use Hostgator Coupon Code?

  1. Go to
  2. Click View Webhosting Plans in the home page.
  3. Select the Plan you want and click Order.
  4. Now you will be redirected to billing section . Enter all your billing details.
  5. Under Have a coupon code tab , Enter HostGator Coupon code Discountme50 for 1 month package . For more than one month enter coupon code HGHOSTING30.
  6. Click Validate Button.
  7. Your HostGator coupon code has been activated.
  8. Further, Click create account to pay the amount.


The HostGator Coupon code available in this post is updated every month. Please comment below if you have any questions regarding the use of these coupon codes.


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Disclaimer: I do earn commission if you choose to purchase this host clicking on any of the advertisement banner from my site or  using my affiliate link. There are lots of review site who earns their living through it. If you do purchase through my affiliate link it will do a world of good to me as this is the only way that get me the compensation for the product I review in my blog.

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