HostArmada Review - How are they rated in 2020?

HostArmada is a fairly new web hosting provider showing great potential and steady growth since it was founded in the last quarter of 2019. In such a vast field, sometimes it could be hard to get noticed, but these guys managed to develop a strong reputation for being a reliable provider already. As they have come to our attention, we were curious to find out what they have to offer, and we have decided to review them and present their strong and weak sides to our readers.

HostArmada Review
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HostArmada is a fairly new web hosting provider showing great potential and steady growth since it was founded in the last quarter of 2019. In such a vast field, sometimes it could be hard to get noticed, but these guys managed to develop a strong reputation for being a reliable provider already. As they have come to our attention, we were curious to find out what they have to offer, and we have decided to review them and present their strong and weak sides to our readers.

HostArmada offers fully managed Cloud-based SSD shared hosting, Virtual Private Servers, and Dedicated CPU solutions. Their mission is to deliver high-quality services and outstanding customer experience. Hence, they implement the latest proven technologies in the hosting industry.

In order to be completely realistic in our statements, we always test a hosting provider before composing a review. HostArmada is not an exception in this pattern. To back up our claims with actual facts, we have carefully examined their services for the past few months, and the results were more than satisfactory.

Several key components are of crucial importance when it comes to a reliable hosting service. That incorporates speed, security, and stability, which, when combined optimally, promise the high-standard service expected from all customers.

We have carefully tested the most significant aspects of HostArmada’s solutions, namely:

  • Uptime
  • Security
  • Speed
  • Support
  • Pricing
  • Interface
  • Pros and Cons
  • Datacenters
  • User Reviews
  • Popularity


As you might know, in the hosting field, it is standard for providers to claim they guarantee 99.99% uptime. Overall this is great, as it means your website will not experience more than an hour downtime on a yearly basis. Unfortunately, things are a little bit different in reality, as it is pretty common for providers not to be able to fulfill this promise.

In the past, we have regularly run into hosting companies that were not even close to delivering the 99.99% uptime they claim to grant. Considering that our readers’ trust is our top priority, we cannot risk our reputation without verifying the truthfulness of such declarations.

In this direction, we were simply impressed by the new guys. For the past few months, while we tested their services, we did not encounter any significant interruptions. According to the uptime robot analytics tool we used to measure the uptime, HostArmada managed to grant the promised 99.99% rate.


The security of their web hosting environment is a primary concern for HostArmada. To ensure superlative security, they have implemented proven practices and technologies across their hosting solutions.

HostArmada’s servers come preconfigured with Advanced Network Firewall and WAF (Web Application Firewall), which lowers the risk of website defection due to security holes in the code and prevents DDoS attacks. Their servers are also equipped with modules for underground attack monitoring, script execution analyzation, and proactive malware scanning.


Website loading speed is vital for every website owner. It does not only determines a significant portion of the positive UX, but it is also an essential basis for SEO ranking. When combined, these two aspects have an impact on the overall impression of your brand. A fast loading website will positively decrease the bounce rates and improve your conversions.

While various components impact the website loading speed, such as optimized code and content, the hosting environment is arguably the most impingement factor.

To grant an exceptional loading speed to their customers, HostArmada’s web servers are carefully configured with industry-standard technologies. They utilize native SSD storage, which is proven to show better results than the old-dated Hard Disk Drives. Along with high-speed redundant networks and the latest AMD CPUs, the servers’ high efficiency is an unquestionable fact. The stable CentOS combined with LiteSpeed and NGINX web servers ground the outstanding performance we have received while testing their services.

To measure the speed results and the performance of our websites and to be entirely objective in our assessment, we have run a few speed tests on HostArmada’s services using the popular GTMetrix tool.

The first test we have performed was on a fresh WordPress installation without any caching plugins. The 0.6 seconds loading time we endured was merely impressive.



The second test we performed was on a WordPress installation with Avada theme and sample data, which allows us to show accurate results relevant to most live websites. The loading speed of 1.5 seconds was beyond spectacular.


As you can see from the screenshots above, the results speak for themselves. You can expect nothing less than a massive improvement in the loading speed of your website.


In our perspective, quality support is formed from three major factors: the response time, the efficiency of problem-solving, and the representatives’ attitude. During our time with HostArmada, we were pleased to discover the team behind the company is formed by professionals with a solid background in the hosting field. Taking this into account, it was not surprising that they have managed to resolve each of our inquiries in a timely manner, from a website transfer to simple plugin and theme installations. And the best part was that, compared to other providers who tend to apply additional fees for similar inquiries, their support is entirely free.

They do provide support over three channels – Live Chat, Phone Line, and Ticketing System. It is unnecessary to mention that the support is 24/7/365 available, as this is something standard for most hosting providers. What distinguishes HostArmada from the rest is their quickness, friendly approach, and professionalism.

Over the Live Chat, our inquiry was immediately addressed by one of their representatives – literally within a few seconds. The great thing is that, compared to other providers who commonly escalate requests to tickets, these guides managed to resolve most of our inquiries over the chat.


The response time we got to our inquiries processed over tickets was pretty satisfying as well. With an initial response of 10 minutes, we could not have expected something better. Furthermore, they have provided us with detailed explanations on all questions addresses to their Tech Staff.

We have noticed that their customers are already spreading the words for their experience with HostArmada’s support.


To conclude, we are sure you will be in good hands, and you can definitely expect more than other providers can offer you in terms of customer or technical assistance.


Apart from the excellent uptime, blazing speed, reliable security, and exceptional support, HostArmada’s prices are really attractive too. With a rich feature set, their hosting plans come packed with all essential services included in the price. Unlike other providers, who charge additional fees for backups, SSL certificates, email services, premium support, and similar, with HostArmada, you can expect everything for free. Considering that they are regularly running promotions, you can get their plans for an affordable price, not to say low compared to their competitors offering similar services.

They offer three shared hosting plans, where the first two options – Star Dock and Web Wrap are NGINX based, and their third plan – Speed Reaper is LiteSpeed powered. The versatility of the plans is excellent as there is a suitable option for the individual needs of various types of websites. Each hosting plan comes with a different amount of resources, which allows their customer to scale up quickly along with the project growth and keep their expenses cost-effective.

HostArmada offers an extended 45-day Money Back Period so customers can test their service risk-free and request a full refund if they are not satisfied. Although we are positive you are going to be happy with their services, it is a peace of mind knowing you have that option.

With all their plans, HostArmada offers free domain name registration or a transfer. Compared to other providers, who typically provide the domain name for free only for the first year, HostArmada will renew the domain name for free along with the hosting account.

On top of everything else, HostArmada maintains a low number of users on their shared servers in order to grant an outstanding performance for all their clients and ensure optional resource availability.

Key Features included in HostArmada Cloud SSD Shared Hosting plans:

  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Free Website Backups
  • Free Domain Name (Registration or Transfer)
  • Free Email Service (Unlimited Email Accounts)
  • Multiple PHP Versions (7.4, 7.3, 7.2, 7.1, 7.0, 5.6)
  • Free SSL for all domains
  • Free Website Migration
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Softaculous One-Click App Installer

Start Dock

Start Dock is HostArmada’s entry package ideal for new projects or small websites, like personal blogs or portfolios. The hosting plan comes with 15 GB SSD storage, 2 CPU cores, and 2 GM RAM and allows you to host a single website. You will get a free website transfer, custom website optimization, and seven free independent backup copies stored on remote servers for enhanced security. Depending on the current promotion they run, the initial price of Start Dock could vary, however, it can go as low as $1.20/mo, which is almost unbelievable considering the perks included in the plan.

Web Wrap

Web Wrap is HostArmada’s middle package. It comes with double the resource capacity of Start Dock – 30 GB SSD storage, 4 CPU cores, 4 GB RAM, and the ability to host an unlimited number of websites. With this plan, you will get three free website transfers, custom website optimizations, and 14 independent daily backups. If you have multiple middle-sized sites and you would like to conveniently manage them from a single place, the plan starting typically at $3.89/mo is a real value deal.

Speed Reaper

The Speed Reaper plan is where the blazing speed comes to life. Empowered by the  LiteSpeed webserver, with intelligent caching systems (LS Cache, Memcached, APC & OPcode Cache) configured on a server level, you will get unmatched results in the loading speed of your websites. Speed Reaper is HostArmada’s largest shared plan, which comes with the most significant resource capacity – 40 GB SSD storage, 6 CPU cores, and 6 GB RAM. With it, you can benefit from 5 free website transfers and 21 daily backups. The attractive initial price is the final driving factor in concluding this is an exceptional solution.



You can find full details on the specifications of the plans and comparison charts on their Managed Cloud SSD Shared Hosting page.


As HostArmada sticks to the industry-standard technologies, their hosting plans come with cPanel control panel and internally developed Client Area. We found both interfaces extraordinarily convenient and easy to use. You can manage everything with literally a few clicks.

cPanel is, by far, the leading web hosting management control panel. It is one of the most widely used control panels preferred by many users due to its rich feature set, user-friendly interface, and high efficiency.

With all HostArmada plans, you will get your individual cPanel account, which contains all essential tools to maintain your web files and databases effectively; restore backups with one click; manage your email accounts and DNS records; track your metrics, and install a wide variety of applications with a mouse click.


Aside from the cPanel account where you get to manage your websites, HostArmada’s Client Area was carefully created with the intention of optimal user experience. Within the Client Area, you can manage all your hosting services, domain names, orders, invoices, billing information, subaccounts, and support tickets with ease. As their Client Area is mobile-optimized, you have the freedom to maintain everything from any point of the world right through your mobile devices.


Pros and Cons


  • Free cPanel/WHM control panel – As many users are accustomed to cPanel and used to working with it, we consider that HostArmada offers it on all their hosting plans as a strength.
  • Free Daily Backups – It is unquestionable how critical maintaining healthy backups is for every website owner. While many providers tend to charge an additional fee for providing backups, HostArmada offers up to 21 independent backup copies for free.
  • Free Domain Name Registration/Transfer – As we previously pointed, HostArmada offers one free domain name for as long as you remain their customer. The domain extensions available for free registration/transfer are: .biz, .business, .ca, .click, .cn,, .com,, .de, .es, .eu, .football, .in, .info, .net, .nl, .org, .space, .tokyo, .uk, .us.
  • Free Email Service – On all their hosting plans, you will be allowed to create as many email addresses as you might need. The only limitation they apply is regarding the mailbox size, which varies depending on the hosting package.
  • Free SSL Certificates – Free AutoSSL, powered by Sectigo, will be automatically issued and renewed on all your domain names with HostArmada.
  • Free Website Migration – You can benefit from up to 5 free website transfers, which will be performed by their experienced tech staff with no data loss or downtime.
  • Free Website Optimizations – HostArmada takes website optimization on another level. Even though the results we got were more than satisfactory, they offer further optimization, which is performed individually for your website to grant the best possible performance.
  • Affordable Prices – Taking into account the quality of their services, HostArmada manages to keep among the lowest rates on the market.


  • No monthly subscription for their shared hosting plans – Most users are not comfortable with a long term commitment, and they prefer to sign up with monthly subscriptions to test the services first. Even though HostArmada offers only annual billing cycles, they still have a 45-Day Money-Back Policy, which grants enough time to check whether this is your service or not.
  • Increased renewal rates for their shared hosting plans – Like most hosting providers, HostArmada initial prices are discounted, and the renewal rates are higher. The regular price of their Start Dock plan is $7.99/mo; for the Web Wrap plan, it is $12.95/mo, and the Speed Reaper plan is $17.95/mo. Even with this taken into account, they still manage to offer among the most affordable rates in the field.
  • LiteSpeed web server available only on Speed Reaper plan – LiteSpeed is famous for its advantages over other Web Servers due to the outstanding results it shows in website performance and speed. HostArmada offers it only on their highest shared hosting plan – Speed Reaper.

Data Centers

HostArmada’s servers are built on top of industry-standard and reliable hardware components. They also maintain a high speed, redundant network to grant 99.9% uptime and outstanding performance.

As you might know, the server’s location affects your website in several ways, the most significant of which is the loading speed. Therefore, choosing a data center nearest to your target market is vitally important.

With consideration of fast connectivity and high availability, HostArmada covers four continents with nine available data center locations.

  • Fremont, CA, USA
  • Dallas, TX, USA
  • Newark, NJ, USA
  • Toronto, ON, Canada
  • London, UK
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Mumbai, India
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • Sydney, Australia

User Reviews

For such a new company, there is a lot of hype around HostArmada, and surprisingly the feedback is more than positive. We have checked their page on Facebook, and the 5.0 out of 5.0 rating along with the expressed satisfaction by their customers was astonishing.


On Trustpilot, one of the highly trusted and reliable review websites, the feedback was also fantastic. With a total of 4.6-star rating and not a single complaint, it seems like their customers are already thrilled with HostArmada.



Considering HostArmada was founded just in the last year, we cannot say they are among the most popular web hosting providers. However, they are showing steady growth since then, which is really promising.

They are still a small company compared to providers like BlueHost or SiteGround, but if they keep the current growing temps steady, they have a real potential to suit themself along with the most popular companies in the field.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, we can only say that we are overly pleased by HostArmada, and we are delighted to be among the first to review and recommend them to our readers.

Our impression is that HostArmada is dedicated to customer satisfaction, and they strive to provide exceptional services at affordable prices. We were extremely pleased with the loading speed, the overall performance, and the behavior of our websites. The assistance of their representatives even exceeded our expectations. Combined with the uptime results we have encountered, we could say they are not far from achieving their primary goal.

Even with the few downsides, such as the increased renewal rates and the lack of monthly billing cycle, we would recommend HostArmada to our readers looking for a reliable hosting provider at a reasonable price.
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