Godaddy Vs Bluehost

Cross battle hosting reviews have been a great boon for those people who are confused about having to choose between any two web hosting companies. Now you will see such reviews for any hosting pairs, let it be even a pair of unpopular hosting. Today I am going to write a cross battle review of two of most successful web hosting company who has inspired many other hosting network with their marketing strategy.

Bluehost and Godaddy, This is two hosting company that I am going to compare in this Post. Godaddy is an independent company and mainly known for its vast domain registration center, I have found that Godaddy hosts 54% of total websites in the world. Bluehost may not have such huge number, but they are not too back, they are one of the first hosting network to start paid hosting service and host more than 2 million websites.

They are well experienced and you can expect quality services from both these hosting companies. This Godaddy Vs Bluehost review will establish the difference between these web hosting companies so that you can pick the right hosting for your websites.


Prices, Plans And features

Prices and plans play a crucial role, If you are running on a stringent budget. Godaddy is a global company with more number of customers, I can see why it is so. They have plans for all requirements and all price ranges. They have unlimited domain starting at $3.76/mo compared to $4.96/mo that we had to pay for Bluehost. They have features similar to what Bluehost has to offer. Bluehost offer only one basic shared hosting plan compared to 4 plans that Godaddy has to offer.

Refer the below picture for Prices, plans and features of Godaddy.

Godaddy vs Bluehost prices, plans and features


Refer the below picture for Prices, plans and features of Bluehost



Bluehost vs Godaddy Prices, Plans and features


Suggestion for Godaddy : Nil

Suggestion for Bluehost : More shared shared hosting plans for cheaper prices will give more choice for the users.

Winner: Godaddy :- Unlimited plans at an affordable cost. Contain plan for all the requirements.

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Bluehost vs Godaddy: Performance and speed test

Both HostGator and Bluehost offer 99.99% uptime guarantee. Godaddy has servers across all parts of the world, and they don’t load up their servers. This helps them to provide speedy websites to almost all of their clients. Bluehost is mainly operated in the US and recently they have set up data centers in India and UK, but still have little to work on to be recognized as a global hosting company.

Bluehost uses AMD Opteron 600 series processor for their CPU’s whereas Godaddy prefers Intel core i7 processors. It’s fact that Intel Processor does a better job with respect to server handling compared to AMD processors.With regard to downtime, I didn’t find any major downtime with respect to Godaddy. From January this year, I heard some complaints from my clients regarding a major downtime from Bluehost which lasted for 3-4 hours. Other than that, they were pretty successful in providing stable uptime.

Godaddy -Uptime-report




Suggestion for Godaddy: Nil

Suggestion for Bluehost: Setting up more data centers globally.

Winner: Godaddy- No downtime and a speedy server, which ensures a great time for our visitors.

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Control Panel

Control panel is the hub of your website that helps in mediating with your web hosting. Using a control panel is something that takes lots of time for newbies to understand, if they choose the best control panel with lots of accessibility features, they are going to have a great time.

Bluehost uses cPanel as control panel, cPanel is the most used control panel in the world. It comes with lots of 1 click installer for popular website scripts such as WordPress, Joomla , Weebly, etc. If you are using cPanel, These scripts are only 1 click away from being installed.

Godaddy comes with 2 types of control panel, Linux cPanel and Windows Plesk. You have a choice here between 2 of the most used control panel . Both the cPanel of Godaddy and Bluehost appears to be similar, no much differences in their functionaries. You can have a demo of their cPanel in the given below link.

Try Godaddy Linux cPanel Demo

Winner: Tie- cPanel, which is the most used control panel is available on both these hosting.


Customer Support

It’s really significant to deliver an honest customer support that doesn’t hesitate in working out our problem any time. Godaddy provide a couple of different sets of features compared to many other hosting. They offer 24/7  toll free number for 42 countries with absolutely no weight time. They have a fast ticketing system, but there is an absence of live chat team.

Bluehost offer 24/7  live chat, ticketing system and an informative knowledge base. Toll free call in support is available for only US citizens, call charges apply for the rest of the countries.

Suggestion for Godaddy: To provide live chat team, Not many people will be comfortable in talking with a representative.

Suggestion for Bluehost: To speed up their ticketing system.

Winner: Godaddy- I would prefer call in support instead of live chat team. You can make your choice.


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Bluehost vs Godaddy: My Verdict

It’s been a tough battle between both these web hosting companies. Godaddy and Bluehost provide great a base for building a successful website. With 99.99% uptime guarantee, and great customer satisfaction, Godaddy will be my recommendation to all those who are reading this.

Why Godaddy ?

  1. Plan for all requirement at cheapest available price.
  2. 99.99% uptime guarantee with a speedy server.
  3. Gives us the option of choosing between cPanel and Plesk
  4. Highly efficient support team that resolve our problem in no time.
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Disclaimer: I do earn commission if you choose to purchase this host clicking on any of the advertisement banner from my site or  using my affiliate link. There are lots of review site who earns their living through it. If you do purchase through my affiliate link it will do a world of good to me as this is the only way that get me the compensation for the product I review in my blog.

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