Fatcow review

I no its very difficult for you to choose a good host . If you go to web hosts review site you will become more confused with manipulation work they do in order to steel your trust and earn more commission .However You can trust  this  Fatcow review as it is based on the lifetime experience of many of my blogging friends who has lots of experience  using Fatcow.

Fatcow is a web hosting company established since 1998 and that is over 14 years in business. They are one of the most recommended company and famous for astonishing shared web hosting service with technology that delivers the highest performance and reliability.

Some of the advantages of using this host is :

* They are affordable. A bit over $3/month for the first term.

* Assist you in selecting up your site from transferring from old domains to giving you free site building tools to make use of.

* Great customer support. They are easy to contact and  responds quickly.

When there are some good points, there should be bad points.They are:

The major issue with Fatcow is that if you are looking for a more robust and massive means of powering your site, then this is not the service for you.


* Don’t expect load balances in place.

* No exclusivity to the access to the server. This also means that you cannot pick your OS.

* Their pricing increases when renewing the service.


Features of Fatcow:

* Unlimited data storage.

* Unlimited bandwidth.

* Support for shopping cart.

* Unlimited pop mail boxes.

* Unlimited FTP users.

Speed And Performance

I feel that even though their customer satisfaction is not up to the brink, their off field performance in the field of speed and reliability can match up with any of the Wen hosts that is currently present in the  market . I used a pingdom speed test tool to test its speed.

fatcow speed test

Customer Support

This is some field that i am quite confused to write about. When I intro gated my friends who used this Host , they were very satisfied using this host. But when I searched in many forums on Fatcow I saw quite a few bad reviews . Initially I was surprised this fact . But when I had put another week of research on it, I came to know that some just fake reviews run by rival companies to compete with Fatcow.

My Verdict

It has everything that you need in a web host . But it also some things that you might not wish to have in a web hosts . However It can be chosen to host your website due to its ability to match its performance with any other leading web host in the market .

Overall we think this is a great fit for those who want uncomplicated and straight forward hosting packages.

Disclaimer: I do earn commission if you choose to purchase this host clicking on any of the advertisement banner from my site or  using my affiliate link. There are lots of review site who earns their living through it. If you do purchase through my affiliate link it will do a world of good to me as this is the only way that get me the compensation for the product I review about.