[Infographic] Facts about Website and Web hosting

[Infographic] Facts about Website and Web hosting

Noor B
June 3, 2014

[Infographic] Facts about Website and Web hosting

Infographic is one of the most attractive way to describe facts and figures about any type of topic. This infographic will provide you with some interesting facts and figures about web hosting and Website.
The world’s first website was started at 1991, and now there are 1 billion website around the world. It’s growth rate is ever increasing and now no businesses are complete without having a website on their own. Same way websites are incomplete without a good web hosting.
Web hosting companies are places where websites are hosted, nowadays there are thousands of such companies that provide web hosting.
There are lots of interesting facts that comes with these two terms and I will illustrate those points in this infographic.

Infographics on web hosting and website facts

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