Dreamhost Review

Dreamhost Review

Noor B
September 14, 2013

Dreamhost reviewYou wanna know weather DreamHost is a right choice for your website ?  I can assure you that this DreamHost review will help you take the decision that is indeed good for you.

It is  not possible for someone to be successful if they don’t have right “components “that can lead them to success. In the same way if you  want  your website to be a successful  one , you have to fill your website with such good components. One of the most highlighted components that can lead your website to great success is the host which you use.  And chances are pretty good that you’ve heard people mentioning a host called  DreamHost.

The process of selecting a good host is not so easy and it’s not something that you should take lightly. I hope that this DreamHost review will help you understand DreamHost better.

What are their plans  ?

DreamHost provides 3 types of plans. Their planes are DreamHost Shared, DreamHost VPS, DreamHost Dedicated. If you are handling a small business website, you need to know only about shared web hosting plans.

Dreamhost plans and  features
Plans And Features of Dreamhost

DreamHost shared plans provide every feature that some other leading host do. So it is worth spending so much money on it.


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Can DreamHost  be at top due to its Reliability?

DreamHost promises 100% up-time guarantee but the fact is that it happens only in  case of first few months of your hosting. In the last few months DreamHost customers had to face hours of server crash, hitting the reputation of companies reliability.

To be fair to DreamHost, some of this downtime was due to planned maintenance and advanced warning was given to customers. Even though customers have been informed, inconvenience caused to  many customers can’t be neglected.

To their credit, When there is such server crash or downtime company provides total transparency and explain what really went wrong in even though they have to criticize their own staff. This is where other companies should try to annihilate DreamHost.

Moreover,DreamHost cause your website, database, email, FTP or webmail to go down, you’ll be credited with one free day’s hosting for every hour of downtime.

The picture below shows the  the server response speed of  DreamHost and Hostgator that I performed using Gmetrix speed test tool.

Dreamhost review speed test result
DreamHost vs Hostgator Speed Test Report

You can conclude from the above data that DreamHost performance can match or even surpass a quality web hosting company like Hostgator.

CPU  And Storage Cabinet Info

DreamHost Provide Unlimited storage space and 50 $ Backup for the VPS plan . DreamHost is very private about the CPU they Use, so I didn’t get enough data to enrich you with CPU info . This forced me to contact them asking for these info, below was their reply.

“Since shared hosting is not insignificantly affected by the various bits of software other customers run on the same machine, there’s no public bench marking information provided for DreamHost’s shared servers, and, in addition, their hardware spaces can and do vary. More performance-focused hosting, with more isolation, is provided by our VPS and dedicated hosting at DreamHost Official Website.”


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DreamHost do automated backups for your domain every 24 hours . But you cant merely depend on the automated backups because DreamHost Doesn’t guarantee this service . But instead they encourages us to keep our own personal backups .

You can contact them and give your backups to restore your account to a previous date.

Customer support

DreamHost provide 24/7 email support ,live chat and phone. The company doesn’t have a phone number, you need to log in to your control panel and request a call-back.

The best way to find answers to any hosting problems, though, is the DreamHost Wiki. DreamHost Wiki is a support portal where users can browse through questions to find answers to their issues.

Through Wiki DreamHost staff will be able to answer all your technical issues and you can browse through the issues of people with similar problems.

They Respond very well with Non-customers. I needed some technical info regarding this Dreamhost review and they were very quick and polite in replying to me.

What is good about DreamHost?

  •  Testing showed fast and reliable up time and response times.
  • The company has a conscience – DreamHost offsets its greenhouse gas emissions.

What is Bad About DreamHost?

  • A history of high-profile outages have somewhat lowered the companies reputation.
  • Price is quit high compared to some other leading hosts.

Do I recommend DreamHost for you?

With 100% up time guarantee, good customer support and lots of unique features, DreamHost can be considered as a good buy.

One noticeable drawback that I see is their above average cost for shared Hosting. You will get Quality shared Hosting service for half the price offered by DreamHost. But You don’t need to worry about that, because my readers will get special discounts from DreamHost using the coupon code given below.  Still not convinced? see the below given DreamHost review from existing DreamHost customers.

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Disclaimer: I do earn commission if you choose to purchase this host clicking on any of the advertisement banner from my site or  using my affiliate link. There are lots of review site who earns their living through it. If you do purchase through my affiliate link it will do a world of good to me as this is the only way that get me the compensation for the product I review about.