How to start a blog with SiteGround

How to start a WordPress Blog with SiteGround?

Starting a blog or switching to a new host can be confusing, especially if you’re not that much of a technical person. So, if your goal is to start a blog or switch hosts, you’ve come to the right place. I will explain e...

How to choose a web host

How to Choose a Web Hosting Service For Your Website? – IHB

Selecting the right host is a big deal. Whether you’re building a basic website for your small business or you have a brilliant idea for the next Facebook, an important first step is deciding which web hosting service wo...

Different types of web hosting services

7 Different Types of Web Hosting Services Explained

If you want to build a website or start a blog, you’ve probably discovered by now that you’re going to need some form of hosting. You might have even checked out a few companies to see what you can expect, at least rega...