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BlueHost Review

Bluehost has been offering website hosting since the internet’s early days in 1996. With this much experience and industry knowledge, Bluehost knows what it takes to keep an active website going. Customers have been trusting their sites to Bluehost for years, so it’s definitely worth taking a look at their features and options.

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Also, their low pricing on shared servers is pretty hard to beat! Some plans start as low as an incredible $3.95 a month — and no contract required!The affordability is likely what attracts many website owners, but take a look at the performance below to see if it’s a good fit for you. The re-seller program also makes it attractive to service providers in the website creation industry.

Bluehost Hosting Plans

Bluehost offers quite a wide selection of hosting options. Everything from beginner sites to robust powerhouses. To start, Bluehost offers a shared hosting plan as their basic entry option. This actually means your website will share a server with several others. The simplest plan starts at a mere $3.95 per month and includes one domain and up to 25 sub-domains. Bluehost also offers more dynamic sites through their virtual private servers (vps) and dedicated servers for higher plans. Bluehost is sure to provide a service plan for whatever your needs may be, great or small.

Bluehost Performance

Bluehost web hosting is a long established business, owned and operated by Endurance International Group. Their overall ability to retain customers since 1996 shows a dedication to the field and an expert understanding of hosting needs.

Websites hosted by Bluehost perform on par with many other host companies. Bluehost offers a guaranteed maximum uptime and 24/7 technical support. These features are useful for everyone, whether you choose the smallest or largest plan.

Bluehost Uptime/Downtime

Bluehost’s uptime and downtime really depends partly on the type of plan you ordered. If you’re on a shared server, the range can be quite dramatic depending on the needs of your fellow shared sites.The dedicated server have better generally results. However, even with these varieties, Bluehost sites generally have between 98-99% uptime, with an occasional dip as low as 95%.

Why does this matter? Of course, you want the best uptime you can afford if your website is an e-commerce site of any type.

My team kept track of uptimes for HostGator for the last seven months using real time uptime tracking powered by Host-Tracker.

Bluehost’s Website Speed and Server Response Time

Websites hosted by Bluehost may be fast or medium-fast, depending on many factors. Bluehost server response time hit an all-time low in March 2014 with a response time of 1,977 ms. There have also been fairly high response speeds even as quick as 634 ms. The average for the past year or so hovers around 1, 019 ms, which is considered medium-fast in the industry. Downtimes on average are about 4 minutes.

Again, this may matter little to the website sharing family photos and stories, but for those with a business to consider, the uptimes and downtimes are a little on the average side.

BlueHost Website Speed Test

Note:-Both web pages are exactly same, i.e. they have same page size, design, request and images.

Domain:inlinebluehosthosting ;Web Hosting: Bluehost

Load time: 1.3 S ; Source: Pingdom

Bluehost website Speed Test

BlueHost Server Response Test

Domain:inlinebluehosthosting ;Web Hosting: Bluehost

Response time: 0.53 S ; Source: Google Analytics

Bluehost Server response time

Bluehost Support

Bluehost offers 24/7 customer support via a simple online form, toll free 1-800 phone number, and a knowledge base for useful self-help answers. There are also user forums where site owners or developers can ask questions to others for help. And a video tutorial series aids for those of us inclined towards an interactive learning style. Their Live chat team doesn’t seem to be knowledgeable enough to handle some complex issue, its quit irritating to see them transfer some small issue to their ticketing team.

Note: Although customer support is advertised as being 24/7, it should also be made clear that this refers to technical support. Phone questions about billing, sales, or renewals can only be answered during dedicated operating hours.

Bluehost in the Last 2 Years

Bluehost has continued to improve its overall services over the past two years. The server speeds have slowly increased and the downtimes have shortened. Bluehost has not made any significant waves in website hosting trends or popularity, but yet maintains a healthy stability. The most recent introduction was in 2013 with their dedicated and virtual private server (VPS) hosting options.

Bluehost Control Panel

Bluehost’s backend is where the company really shines. Many first-time users note that the interface is easy to navigate and operate. Those with no hosting experience can easily slip into the control panel to learn and try new things. There is also the ability to control multiple websites from within one account, a feature useful to resellers and website developers.

Bluehost Extras

Bluehost has several unique offerings in its lineup of services and products:

Migration services. Already been hosting your site somewhere else? Use Bluehost’s easy migration service to help transfer your site to Bluehost.

Quick start services. This service is for those who have no experience with building a website. You’ll get one on one training on exactly what to do.

Re-seller program. Want to earn a little extra money by offering hosting services to your customers? It’s easy with their re-seller program and cPanel interface.

Easy cancellation. Cancel at any time and no monthly contracts.

Bluehost Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

Bluehost offers all accounts a full refund if cancelled within the first 30 days of service. However, they also offer a cancel anytime policy, which would provide a pro-rated refund for users who want to cancel any time after the initial order. There are also no contracts, just simple and affordable monthly pricing. Additionally, there are no hidden cancellation fees, so truly if you want to cancel you are free to do so.

Bluehost Summary

Overall Bluehost is a fairly stable host with typical control features, average load time, and 24/7 technical support. For many site owners, Bluehost is a fine fit with a great price. They are in the top 20 hosting service providers in the world, so they are a trusted source for hosting expertise.

Bluehost is your web hosting choice if you want:

  • Super affordable pricing plans
  • Average load time
  • Simple backend interface
  • Stable company profile
  • Flexibility to cancel anytime

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  • Affordable Prices and Plans

    BlueHost have Plans starting at as low as $3.45/mo

  • It has cPanel as its control panel

    It uses world’s most used control panel in the form of cPanel.

  • 24/7 Support team

    Their technical support team is live 24/7.

  • Unexpected downtime

    Even though they promise 99.99% uptime, they don’t seem to be fulfilling that promise.

  • Average Speed

    They offer average speed for website hosted under them.

  • They charge Extra for Migration.

    Bluehost charge $99.99 for migration whereas some other hosting company do it for free.

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