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Starting a blog is no longer enough. There are millions of blogs out there, and most of them get nowhere because they don’t put the required patience and hard work. This article How to Start a Blog is for those people who don’t know anything about blogging or for those who know little thing about it.

One of my friends told me that he had earned 5000$ in that particular month. When I asked him how did he do it, he just answered me with one word that is blogging, then I went to Google and searched about blogging, where I went deep into the blogging world and learned a variety of things about blogging. So here I am to explore the world of blogging to all the newly born babies in the blogging world.


I split this article in to sub topics to make it more beautiful and attractive, you will get the reason for it later in the article.


  1. What is Blog?
  2. Why do we Create a Blog?
  3. What Topic Should Your  Blog Have?
  4. How to Create a Blog?
  5. How to Install WordPress in your Host
  6. How to Bring Traffic to Your Site?
  7. How to Make Money Using Your Blog?
  8. Last Word

What is Blog?

You might or might not be familiar to blog, but there are people who hear it for the first time every single day and have no idea what it really is. They are having that first encounter like you did right now. A blog is a word used to describe different types of website on specific topics or wide categories. I know this definition won’t help you in understanding blogging and what really it is. In simple words it is just making a website and spreading our own ideas on the internet world to make lots and lots of money.


Want a little more “knock” on your blogging-knowledge doors?

These are some other definitions:

: A Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer

: A Website that can be used to make publish our imagination.

Why do we Create a Blog?

This is the question that has many answer. Some people use it as a place where they can introduce their own ideas, but it is only “some” that uses blog for this purpose. Most of them use it for making earning for their livelihood.


Though we can make lots and lots of money it can’t be done over night. We have to Learn to walk before we run. To be a successful blogger we need great patience and hard work. According to a survey only 7.4 million out of 133 million blogs are updated every five months. This says that 95% of the blog are essentially abandoned, that is they remain as dream which is unfulfilled.

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. To make a good amount of money you have to put a good effort and have patience in all its aspects.

What Topic should your Blog have?


Most of them get confused on what topic to choose. Having a good topic is the basic behind putting a first step in becoming a successful blogger. Some people select the topic which are ad friendly, thinking that they will get quality add. But I am against it as people will only come to your blog if you have quality articles in it. So, if you select a topic that you are not familiar for making it add friendly, that will only reduce the quality of your blog and it won’t help you in your future run.

So select a topic that you are passionate about. They will automatically generate lots of traffic to your site.

How to Create a Blog

You will need two things for creating a blog:




What is a Domain Name?

Domain name is a unique name given to your blog. It is a name people used to reach our website (for example: My domain name is which you can see on the web address bar of your browser).


You can register a domain name by going to any domain register website like

After registering a domain name, you have to change its DNS settings according to your web host server DNS settings (to change the DNS settings, go to Google and type how to change DNS settings of a domain to your purchased web host). After DNS settings take effect, you will be able to work on your web hosting.


$2.49 .Com at!

What is a Web Host?

Now you have the data to be stored. But where to store it? This is where the web host plays an important role. It stores all our website data in their server, so that the people can see it. You will be able to store all your data at that particular web hosting company server.


There are many popular and reliable web hosting companies available. Click here to check the host reviews of most reliable web host. But I personally recommend Hostgator (coupon code: SPECIAL26OFF for special discount) or iPage for your website as it has 99.9% up-time guarantee.


How to install WordPress in your Site?

Before I say how to install WordPress in your web host, let me explain to you what WordPress really means.

WordPress is a blog publishing application powered by PHP and MySQL which runs on a web hosting service. It can act as an intermediate between our host and blog. WordPress is used for adding or editing new posts in our blog. It is used by 18.9% of the top 10 million websites as 2013.


Installation of WordPress varies with different web host services. To know how to install WordPress in your blog, go to support portal of your web host services, where you will get to know about the installation of WordPress in your web host.


For more information contact me through my email: I will be available at any time .

Please share this posts with your friends and help them in installing WordPress.


How to Bring Traffic to Your Blog?

As Blogging is on great demand nowadays, people are trying various methods to bring more and more traffic to their site. This is the only way one can survive in this blogging world. If you don’t have people to come daily and check your blog, you can never be a successful blogger.


There are Various methods in bringing traffic to your site. I give below some proven methods to bring traffic to your site.


*Share Your Posts in social Network

Social network is place where you can get a large part of your traffic. Many use social network platform like Facebook, Twitter, etc. to increase their blog traffic.


In twitter you can do this by simply tweeting using your posts URL. By saying this, I want you to share this article in twitter write now and help many of your friends who wish to start blogging.


You can create a Facebook page of your blog and share your posts there. But always remember that you should have people who you can serve the content of your Blog. Only then people will be redirected from the social networking site to your blog.


*Have quality posts other than quantity

This is where most of the beginners go wrong. In order to make more posts in their blog, they forget about the quality of the article they publish. You should always remember that quantity will be only useful if you have quality in it. So try to create less posts with great effort .


As you become become expertise in your particular topic, you will be able to post many quality article in less times. So be patient in the beginning and concentrate more on the quantity other than quality.


*Ask for link exchanges

Look out blogs and websites that have the same material as you do in your blog and ask if they would like to exchange links. If they accept, they will put link to your blog on their sites and you will put link to their sites on yours.


You can also exchange links with friends, but keep in mind that their websites may not have the same focus as your blog and their readers may not be interested in what you’re writing about.

*Guest post on other Blogs

Most bloggers love getting guest posts from good writers. Guest posts can help to publicize their blogs and give them a little time off from their own writing. Check blogs with subject matter similar to yours and see if they accept guest posts. Make sure to include a link back to your blog in the post so that readers can find the rest of your work.


You will also want to make a post on your blog directing readers to your guest post. This will allow your regular readers to check out what you’ve written for the other site and increase traffic on your  post, making the other site more likely to want you to write for them again.

*Optimize your blog ranking in search engine Queries

Try to get your blog listed on the first page or two for search terms that cover your content. If your site has a high rank, search engines will automatically end you up at the top.


How to Make Money Using Your Blog?

This is one of the most searched question about blogging in most of the search engines. Creating money through our blog won’t be easy if we don’t put the right effort into it.


Many people start blogging thinking that they can earn lots of money overnight. But it’s not going to be possible unless you put the right strategy and plan in it. There are many ways one can earn through their blog. As you become more and more expertise in blogging you will come to know more and more easy way to make money, here I provide some easy way to earn money for beginners in blogging.


Ad Sense

Ad Sense is the most popular way for creating money through our blog. Ad Sense is owned by Google and it accounts for 27% of Google’s revenue. Advertisers use the Ad words program to advertise their products or services on Ad Sense websites.


They only pay when someone clicks on their ads. For a blog to eligible for Ad sense, website should be six months or old for India and China Applicants. Along with that the blog should have quality content with it.


Once you apply for it and get accepted Google will automatically input the required ads on our blog according to the keywords used in that particular article, For example a news article related to a car accident might display ads related to driving safety instead of ads related to car sales.

Publishers receive 68% of the revenue and Google 32%, For example if an advertiser pays $1 for a click then 68 cents will go to the publisher and 32 cents to Google.

Affiliate Marketing

As you have seen in the above article about the AdSense Google pays if you just click on the ads, but to earn commission using affiliate marketing one have to not only click on your affiliate link, they even also have to buy that particular item.


Google AdSense pay you between 0.10$ to 1.5$ per click based on your advertisement product. But if someone buys a product using your affiliate link you will get between 30% to 150% of the money the product costs. The percentage of money you get through affiliate depends upon the products.


To get your affiliate link you have to go to affiliate section of particular product (affiliates section will be available at the official website of the product) and sign up for the affiliate where you will get the affiliate link. After you get the affiliate link go, and paste it in your blog using word press.


If you have affiliate ads on your website which relates to the topic of your website, I prefer not to apply for Google AdSense as it will affect your affiliate marketing. Because Google Ad Sense put the ads according to the keyword present in your particular post and if someone clicks on the ads that is not through affiliate, you will only get less money even if the person clicks and buy the product.


For example: If you have affiliates of the hosting product like Hostgator or and if your articles are about hosting, and if you apply for Google AdSense they will also publish the same ads like Hostgator or So people who want to buy those products through the ads in your blog may buy through the ads provided by Google. This may bring you lose as affiliate give way larger amount than Google ad sense if someone purchase through your affiliate link.


Last Words

I have explained almost every part of a blogging from a beginner’s point. I didn’t go deep into any subject as it will only confuse you, to know furthermore deeply about blogging you can get it in other section of my blog. If you find difficult to understand any topic in this article you can mention it in the comment box below. I will help you in the nearest time.

If you want any help in blogging you can contact me through the contact form available in the header of the website. Please rate this article in the comment box below.

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