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Noor is a well-known webhosting blogger and industry analyst. Since 2006, he has tested a wide variety of web hosting services and posted the results on his popular blog, For each review, he extensively tests each web hosting company personally, or with his hand-picked team of technicians.

Pickaweb vs 123 regIn this review of Pickaweb vs 123-Reg, we analyzed options that are offered by both hosting companies. We carefully reviewed major features  and dug in deep to find items that add value for paying customers. Both hosting companies are widely popular and offer affordable hosting plans.

Pickaweb Vs 123-Reg Tests

While each web hosting company offers different features, the following basic tests were  performed to see how they stacked up against each other:

  • Pickaweb Vs. 123-Reg Uptime
  • Pickaweb Vs. 123-Reg Website Speed Test
  • Website Server Response Time
  • Benchmark Test
  • Hosting Customer Support
  • Control Panel Demo
  • Credibility

Pickaweb Vs 123-Reg: Uptime

Pickaweb offers an uptime guarantee of 99 percent. This means that any website hosted with this company is guaranteed to be up and running with no issues nearly 100 percent of the time. I’ve found that Pickaweb’s exceptional and secure datacenter located in the U.K is the main factor behind their nearly perfect website uptime record.

123-Reg also offers a 99 percent uptime guarantee, but only for customers who purchase a premium level hosting package. Those who purchase a lower level package do not receive any type of guarantee for website uptime.

We track uptime of around 150 website using popular uptime tracking tool called Host-tracker. We did so for website hosted under Pickaweb and 123 Reg, and here are the results.

★ Winner Pickaweb – For even basic hosting customers, Pickaweb offers premium uptime guarantees and sticks to their promise.

Pickaweb Vs 123-Reg: Website Speed Test

Pickaweb understands that speed is essential when building an online presence and trying to grow your business. This is why the company consistently appears in the top 10 hosting companies when it comes to speed and reliability. The average time it takes for a typical webpage to load on Pickaweb is 1-2 Second.

Like most mainstream web hosting companies, Pickaweb also offers WordPress  and Joomla  hosting, both of which are widely popular website building platforms. When I ran tests on webpages for Joomla, specifically pages with heavy images, the load time was still exceptional. WordPress websites loaded at similar speeds as well, even when images and videos were used in the background. 

For the website speed test, 123-Reg also produces good results. Similar to Pickaweb, 123-Reg also has full control over their servers by storing them in the U.K. while using a 10 gigabit network connection. 123-Reg however, has not been known to provide the best load time, and our speed test determined that websites hosted on their servers can take up to twice as long to load as Pickaweb.

123-Reg is also big on WordPress, Drupal and Joomla platforms. When I loaded webpages with videos or heavy graphics, the load time slowed down considerably.

I ran a speed test on two of the websites hosted under Pickaweb and 123 Reg respectively using an online website testing tool called dotcom monitor.  Both the website had identical page size, images, attachment and requests.

Here are the results:

Website hosted under Pickaweb

Pickaweb website Speed test
Pickaweb website Speed test

Website hosted under 123-Reg

123 Reg Website Speed test

Average Load time for Pickaweb hosting: 2.8 S

Average load time for 123 Reg hosting: 3.6 S

You can clearly see from the above result that website hosted under Pickaweb loaded exceptionally well throughout the world compared to 123 Reg. Moreover, Pickaweb is an ideal choice for people looking for UK hosting as seen in above result.

★ Winner Pickaweb – Not only does Pickaweb boast exceptional website load speeds, they back their promise up with a 100 percent money refund guarantee.

Website Server Response Time

Website server response time is an important test, and the causes behind the outcomes for both hosting companies are not easy to pinpoint at first.

During this testing phase, I found both high traffic and low traffic websites hosted with both companies. My goal was to see how long the server responded for various traffic amounts, because overloaded servers that only have small amounts of bandwidth to use often cause websites to crash.

My initial test with Pickaweb was extremely smooth. Both websites I visited maintained a fast load time, even during a time of day when traffic increased significantly. The same was true for 123-Reg however, during the research I learned that website owners who purchased shared hosting packages often had bandwidth issues because other websites on the same server always experienced high traffic amounts.

The Winner: Customers with Pickaweb experience no issues with website server response time because the company limits bandwidth amounts for basic accounts. While unlimited traffic bandwidth for all customers sounds like an amazing idea, websites using 123-Reg are at a disadvantage, especially when a small website shares a server with a large traffic website. Pickaweb is the winner.

Benchmark Test

The benchmark test is essential to determining the overall performance level of a specific web hosting company. In my test of both 123-Reg and Pickaweb, the latter company performed much better in all areas including average transfer rate and time per request. This is even true when I visited image and graphic heavy websites.

123-Reg has performance issues largely because it relies on a promise to offer unlimited traffic bandwidth to every customer yet lacks the server infrastructure to support it.

★ Winner Pickaweb.

Customer Support

Pickaweb vs 123 Reg customer support

First and foremost, customer support should be one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a web hosting company.

Pickaweb prides itself on exceptional customer service. They always place the needs of the customer above all else and the company truly offers 24/7, around-the-clock customer support online, by email and over the phone.

When I contact Pickaweb, I also noticed that their customer support team are more tech savvy than other companies. They can solve a variety of hosting-related issues and offer free assistance with website migration, if necessary.

123-Reg also offers U.K. based customer support. I found this company lacks in live support options because they do not have a “support chat” feature located on their website. While they maintain a knowledge base of answers to common questions, it can be difficult to search for a particular topic.

★ Winner Pickaweb – The company’s customer support is very helpful, knowledgeable and they can be accessed directly through a chat feature.

Control Panel with Demo

Through research, I’ve noticed that 123-Reg takes an interesting approach to their control panel. On their website, they state that the cPanel function is very easy to use and that there are a variety of different one-click install platforms to choose from however, there is no demo of the control panel to use before you sign up.

Not only does Pickaweb make it very easy to use their cPanel feature, there is a free demo for everyone to try. When I tested the control panel, I noticed that it is extremely easy to manage a variety of files, create and manage email accounts, choose a website platform, use a free website builder, and access a variety of databases.

For those who aren’t so tech savvy and who don’t know how to use FTP (file transfer protocol), Pickaweb offers a unique feature called File Manager that allows website owners to upload their files directly to their hosting account.

Have a look at cPanel demo for Pickaweb

★ Winner Pickaweb – Not only do they offer a control panel demo, but their cPanel can be used by anyone who wants to bring their business online, even those with no technical or coding experience.

Credibility Test

The ability to trust your chosen web hosting provider should be an essential factor in your final decision. During my extensive research I’ve found that both Pickaweb and 123-Reg are highly credible.

Pickaweb has made a name for themselves by offering exception customer service and truly caring for their clients. It’s well known that businesses who put customers first have a much better chance at being successful. On TrustPilot, a leading website that measures trustworthiness and credibility, Pickaweb maintains an outstanding 4.9 out of 5 star rating based on 128 reviews.

Customers can also trust Pickaweb because they maintain a physical address in the U.K. and they list this information directly on their website.

Similarly, 123-reg has been around for years. They host millions of websites and are a trusted name among U.K. based website owners. The number of reviews from real website owners that are published on their website clearly portray them as a credible company.

★ Winner Tie – Both Pickaweb and 123-Reg have great reputations.

Pickaweb Vs 123-Reg – Which One is for You?

It is important for prospective customers to perform extensive research on both hosting companies. In my professional opinion I would choose Pickaweb over 123-Reg because, while both have a great reputation, 123-Reg has allowed financial growth and profit to overcome its ability to offer superior customer support.

Because Pickaweb is a customer-centric company, customer support engineers at Pickaweb are more knowledgeable and can handle more complex hosting issues immediately if necessary.

In addition to customer support and knowledgeable employees, I believe Pickaweb is a better hosting company choice because:

  • Pickaweb offers free website migration services, something that is extremely beneficial to those who have no website building experience.
  • The company’s servers are located in the U.K. and within close proximity to their physical location. This allows them secure them and monitor their equipment at all times.
  • Uptime and page load speed are superior to 123-Reg. Pickaweb realizes that not every business needs unlimited bandwidth, and therefore limits bandwidth at certain purchase levels. This improves overall load speed and reduces downtime across the board because websites who need larger amounts of bandwidth are then transferred to a VPS or dedicated server so as not to affect shared hosting websites.

Updated: June 29, 2015

For the past few years, web hosting companies have grown significantly to more than 1000’s of providers, this gives us a wider choice of web hosting company that fits into all our website requirements.

For last one decade, Godaddy, iPage and Fatcow have been enriching their customers with high class web hosting services. Godaddy accounts for more than 50% of total domains in the world and is the biggest among its competitor. They have more than one hundred thousand servers spread across several continents to take care of those domains. iPage and Fatcow may not seem to have such high number like Godaddy, but they are pretty much have the same level when it comes to quality of hosting offered to their customers. Continue reading

There are hundreds of website hosting companies out there. How do you know which one to choose? It’s an important decision because you will be living with your webhost for a while. In this report, I will be examining two high-profile hosting companies: WP Engine vs DreamHost.

WP Engine focuses on WordPress hosting only. They have a strong reputation for customer service, attention to detail and fast websites. DreamHost is a Los Angeles-based web hosting service provider that concentrates on supporting entrepreneurs with quality web services. Established in 1997, they have over 300,000 customers with 1.2 million sites and apps hosted on their service.

More on DreamHost can be read from this DreamHost Vs HostGator Vs Bluehost Review.

WP Engine Vs DreamHost – Uptime Report

Uptime is an industry term that explains the amount of time a company keeps their Web servers online and functioning. This number is important because if a web server is down, your site may be down which loses you customers and income. WP Engine has an almost perfect uptime record, coming in at 99.99%. This is due to a unique cache system which speeds up delivery of things like images which normally hog bandwidth. DreamHost has an uptime record of 99.97%. The difference seems slight. However, even a small difference can mean hours of your website being off-line, costing you money. Here are the details:

  • Average 6-month uptime for WP Engine (tested for 10 sites based in different parts of the world): 99.99%. That means your site would possibly be down almost 4.4 hours over 6 months of service.
  • Average last 6 month uptime for DreamHost (tested for 10 sites based in different parts of the world: 99.97%. For DreamHost, your site would be down approximately 13.5 hours over six months of service.

WP Engine leads DreamHost in uptime numbers. While DreamHost guarantees 100% uptime, in reality customers using the service for the first time have reported having less than that. This may be in part due to maintenance and other technical servicing.

DreamHost has been very transparent whenever they have problems, communicating server issues and maintenance as soon as possible. In addition, in the past they have offered one day of free hosting for every hour a website is down. This offer may not still be in effect.

Visit Dreamhost Visit Wp-Engine

WP Engine Vs DreamHost – Speed Test

As more and more people come online, Internet speed becomes a critical component of a successful website. The Internet is maturing, and people are less patient with websites that are slow to load – they are more apt to click over to a speedier site. Not only that, major search engines are now incorporating a website speed into how well they rank that site in their search engine rankings. WP Engine is good at moving requests around their various international servers to gain incredible speed. DreamHost also has an enviable speed record as you can see in this comparison:

  • Average speed of website running with WP Engine (Optimized 10 sites): 1.3 seconds
  • Average speed of website running with DreamHost ( Optimized 10 sites): 1.24 seconds

The average website speeds for both companies are very close. Several reports show that DreamHost has the fastest website speed in the industry. It is a primary reason customers choose them over competitors. On the other hand, WP Engine is faster with website traffic coming from outside the continental United States. They have a robust network of worldwide data centers, which ensures fast website speeds for international customers.

Take a look at this image for the speed of and

Wp Engine vs dreamhost Speed Test

Server Response Time

When you call up a webpage on your browser as you surf the Internet, the Web server must organize and deliver a wide variety of elements to display properly. The speed in which it puts all of these disparate parts together is called server response time.

A major factor in speed is the quality of the servers at the web host service. As a young company, WP Engine had the chance to create state-of-the-art server configurations that create lightning-fast response times. DreamHost is a longtime supporter of open source software and run their shared and dedicated hosting on the Ubuntu operating system. Here is a summary of the average server response times for both WP Engine and DreamHost:

  • Average server response time of WP Engine for last 6 months (10 Optimized sites):  200 ms.
  • Average Server response time of DreamHost for last 6 months ( Same 10 Optimized sites):  230 ms.

This short summary shows that WP Engine has a slight lead on DreamHost in server response times. Below is an interactive graph where you can change the data to see various response times over different date ranges.

[visualizer id=”2061″]

Benchmark Test

For each web hosts, I’ve identified a set of 10 websites all hosted on different web servers. A total of 825 requests were then sent to each host in order to measure the performance of their servers.

HostGator Wp Engine
Completed Requests 825 825
Failed Requests 7 72
Requests per sec. 6.26 8.54
Time per request 157.09 ms 190.59 ms
Average transfer rate 63.83 Kbytes/sec 62.8 Kbytes/sec
Median connect time 12.6 msec 13. msec
Median processing time 142.49 msec msec 260.54 msec
Median waiting time 135.71 msec 255.58 msec

WP Engine is much superior in the area of Failed Requests, indicating a higher quality of server connection. Their Time Per Request is 15% faster, and Median Connect, Processing and Waiting times are all better than DreamHost. In fact, the Median Processing Time is 80% faster than DreamHost.

Winner:  WP Engine – WP Engine’s focus on high-performance results in less failed requests and a faster processing time than DreamHost. With the assurance of the WP Engine 99.9% uptime, you’ll have the confidence to grow your website quickly and profitably.

  Visit Dreamhost Visit Wp-Engine

Hosting Plans

With a narrow focus on the WordPress platform, WP engine has a broad array of hosting clients, from individual startups to enterprise clients with divisions in many countries. That is why they offer four different levels of hosting plans that include Personal, Professional, Business and finally Enterprise. The lower level plan starts at less than $30 per month, and allows up to 25,000 visitors each 30 days. This should be enough bandwidth for most individuals and small operations.

DreamHost offers shared, VPS and dedicated hosting packages. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server which is similar to dedicated hosting but you share server space with a limited number of other customers. Each package offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited hosting of domains. The shared and VPS selections offer unlimited disk storage, while the dedicated hosting option’s disk storage depends on the size of the hard drive.

This table shows a summary of their current plans, prices and features for you to make an educated comparison.

Features Wpengine Personal Plan Wpengine Professional Plan DreamHost Basic
Disk Space 10 GB 20 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Domains Allowed 1 10 Unlimited
Free Domain No No Yes
Control Panel Its Own Panel Its Own Panel Web Panel
For 1 Month $29.00/mo $99.99/mo No Monthly Plans
12 month Plan $29/mo + 2 month free hosting. $99/mo + 2 month free hosting $9.95
2 Year Term Nil Nil $8.85
3 Year Term Nil Nil $8.85(Use Coupon code DreamHostOFF to get $60 discount on their package.
Sign Up Now! Sign Up Now! Sign Up Now!  


Steps to High Performance

WP Engine has built their system from the ground up to be stable and fast. With an array of custom hypervisors using the Xen virtual environment, WP Engine has been able to withstand serious spikes in demand on their equipment. As an example, in 2012 during a music festival WP Engine handled 40 million visitors over a 10 hour time frame. More than 120 million HTTP requests barraged the servers, and they operated without any decrease in website speed or increase in page load times.

DreamHost has had several reports over the years of slow performance, especially with transaction-heavy content management systems like Drupal or WordPress. This may be due to limited data centers, which are located in Los Angeles and Irvine California, with one in Ashburn Virginia. One year, they experienced two power outages which affected thousands of customers.  In May of 2013, they had another outage in their Irvine center which affected more than 1 million websites. While DreamHost has reasonable speed and performance, their history of outages may make some customers reconsider them as their webhost.

 Customer Support

WP Engine has established a rapid reputation for customer service. They are able to do this based on a singular focus on the WordPress content management system. By focusing on one CMS, and not spreading their attention to Drupal, Joomla and other products, they have become experts in WordPress hosting and troubleshooting. That concentration helps them answer questions quickly and accurately. Customers can contact them via online knowledge base, e-mail support and a toll-free telephone service. In addition, clients can access a chat box that is available on every page of their site.

DreamHost offers primary support via e-mail. You can pay for premium support which allows telephone calls and chat options. Keep in mind that chat is not always available, and the phone option only provides callbacks. This limits the speed with which DreamHost can respond to customer complaints and questions. For that reason, WP Engine wins in customer support area

Last Two Years

WP Engine has enjoyed remarkable growth since they exploded on the market four years ago. Just last year, they hired their 80th employee, asign of rapid maturity and development. They have a stellar reputation of customer service based on speedy response, helpful personnel and attention to detail. Other web hosts may charge less, but for entrepreneurs that want a service that is reliable and fast, and backed up by a highly trained support team, WP Engine is the way to go.

DreamHost has positioned themselves as a friendlier, more personal web hosting company than many of the large behemoths that utilize television advertising and other corporate methods. In contrast, DreamHost was started by for college students at Harvey Mudd College in California in 1996. The same four entrepreneurs run the company to this day. They delight in being a company of “geeks for geeks.” However, this approach may limit their ability to respond quickly to outages and to offer an extensive array of services which many modern web hosts provide.

Control Panel

WP Engine elected to make their control panel very simple and plain. It allows clients to manage their own websites with a minimum of technical knowledge. WP Engine is unique in that they have created a staging area so that customers can plan and test their website changes before going “live.” They have taken a professional web developers technique and made it available for every day clients.

On the other hand, DreamHost has a custom built system made exclusively for their company. While long-time customers may be familiar with the ins and outs of the DreamHost control panel, new customers used to cPanel or Plesk they have some difficulty familiarizing themselves with the uniqueness of the DreamHost system.

Visit Dreamhost Visit Wp-Engine

WP Engine Vs DreamHost : My Recommendation

After considering the WP Engine vs DreamHost customer service, load times, speed and server response times, I can heartily recommend WP Engine. For WordPress users, there is probably no better platform right now to get a super-stable, speedy and responsive website. Their almost perfect uptime reflects a fanatical devotion to creating both a technically sound website hosting service combined with very personal customer support.

WP Engine is younger as a service, but that has given them the opportunity to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors, and build a better product as a result.

 Click here to start building your website with the WP Engine today.




I firmly believe that you are in lookout for a reliable web hosting  and want to know whether Bluehost has the capability to extend your website without causing any headache to you or your readers. This Bluehost review will explore all the possibilities of using Bluehost as your web hosting.

To be blunt, I personally didn’t use Bluehost for any of my sites, so all the below mentioned details are based on the real life experience of group of webmasters who have used Bluehost as their web hosting.

Bluehost review: Prices, Plans And Features

Bluehost comes with 2 shared hosting , VPS and a Dedicated server plans. Basic shared hosting plan cost us $4.95/mo and offers unlimited domain, storage, websites and email accounts. We don’t  find a shared hosting plan with unlimited domain for these types of low costs,it’s considered one of the least price when we consider the quality of hosting offered by Bluehost. If you own a high traffic WordPress site, they also offer WordPress hosing starting at $17.50 and can accommodate 1 million visits/month. Their basic VPS plan starts at $14.99/mo and comes with 2 GB RAM, 30 GB San storage and 2 CPU cores.

All in all, they have hosting plans for all type of requirements at affordable cost. Continue reading

[Infographic] Facts about Website and Web hosting

Infographic is one of the most attractive way to describe facts and figures about any type of topic. This infographic will provide you with some interesting facts and figures about web hosting and Website.
The world’s first website was started at 1991, and now there are 1 billion website around the world. It’s growth rate is ever increasing and now no businesses are complete without having a website on their own. Same way websites are incomplete without a good web hosting.
Web hosting companies are places where websites are hosted, nowadays there are thousands of such companies that provide web hosting.
There are lots of interesting facts that comes with these two terms and I will illustrate those points in this infographic. Continue reading