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Noor is a well-known webhosting blogger and industry analyst. Since 2006, he has tested a wide variety of web hosting services and posted the results on his popular blog, For each review, he extensively tests each web hosting company personally, or with his hand-picked team of technicians.

iPage Review

iPage review

Our web hosting company plays a very vital role in portraying our website in the best possible manner to the blogosphere. If you don’t have a quality web hosting for your website, It sends a wrong signal to your readers about the capabilities of you as a legitimate blogger. I firmly believe that selecting a good web hosting company for our website is the most basic and crucial part of building a genuine blog with decent traffic.

And I think that you are in the lookout for finding weather iPage has the capabilities of successfully hosting your website or not. That is why I am writing this iPage review to help many readers like you to choose the best web hosting company for their website.

Prices,Plans And Features

When it comes to price, iPage offers prices that are very competitive. Their introductory prices are very low as compared to many other hosting companies. It costs around $2/month or less for the first year as they offer variety of prices during different parts of the year. Their renewal costs are quit high as compared to many other hosts .  Continue reading

How to Start a Blog?- A Beginners Guide



Starting a blog is no longer enough. There are millions of blogs out there, and most of them get nowhere because they don’t put the required patience and hard work. This article How to Start a Blog is for those people who don’t know anything about blogging or for those who know little thing about it.

One of my friends told me that he had earned 5000$ in that particular month. When I asked him how did he do it, he just answered me with one word that is blogging, then I went to Google and searched about blogging, where I went deep into the blogging world and learned a variety of things about blogging. So here I am to explore the world of blogging to all the newly born babies in the blogging world.

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