Arvixe Vs. Godaddy: Why is Arvixe a Superior Service?

Arvixe Vs. Godaddy: Why is Arvixe a Superior Service?

Noor B
August 1, 2017

Arvixe vs GodaddyFor this web hosting review of Arvixe vs. Godaddy, we take a look at how both companies provide bottom line hosting services to their clients and a variety of factors that affect customer happiness overall. Both are exceptional hosting companies that offer a lot of value for their hosting price points.

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Arvixe Vs Godaddy Tests

Extensive testing was performed on both Arvixe and Godaddy to determine which service is better for consumers and business alike:

  • Arvixe Vs. Godaddy: Uptime
  • Arvixe Vs. Godaddy: Website Speed
  • Server Response Times
  • Benchmark Test
  • Quality of Customer Support
  • cPanel and Demo of Control Panel
  • Credibility

Arvixe Vs Godaddy: Uptime

Arvixe guarantees their servers will be up 99.9% of the time. If, for any reason, a customer’s website experiences severe downtimes, the company will issue a refund equal to an entire month’s worth of hosting. The company employs server specialists that work around the clock to ensure maximum uptime, and to solve any problems that are brought to their attention via the customer support system.

Godaddy has the same 99.9% uptime guarantee but with a different support system. The company employs a large support department but they only provide basic support. For coding or major server issues, support requests are routed somewhere else.

Uptime of Sites Hosted on Arvixe

Uptime of Sites Hosted on GoDaddy

★ Winner – Arvixe. The refund guarantee, along with the ability to provide exceptional levels of support 24 hours a day for website outage puts Arvixe on top of Godaddy for this test.

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Arvixe Vs Godaddy: Website Speed

Slow load times and other website speed issues cause problems for numerous businesses every year. Knowing website speed before you purchase a package can save you a significant amount of headache down the road.

We tested numerous websites that are hosted on both the Arvixe and Godaddy platforms. Website speed was tested using servers located around the world in order to give you the best idea about the quality of load time when using either hosting company. On average, Arvixe website speed came in at 2.5 seconds per website, while Godaddy came in at 2.8 seconds per website.

It is also worth noting that page load time is affected by the CMS platform used to build the websites. We discovered that Arvixe was a much better hosting company for those who wanted to use one-click installation applications like WordPress and Joomla.

Speed Test of website hosted under Arvixe

Arvixe Website Speed test

Speed Test of website hosted under Godaddy 

Godaddy Speed test

★ Winner Arvixe.  Arvixe has superior website load speed times for WordPress and Joomla, platforms that are widely used by millions of customers for both companies.

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Arvixe Vs GoDaddy : Server Response Time

When comparing Godaddy and Arvixe, server response time is an important technical factor to consider when choosing the best hosting company for your needs. Server response time affects how long it takes for your website to load and a user’s overall experience.

Both Arvixe and Godaddy offer the same server speeds, regardless of the hosting package you purchase. While Arvixe has used top rate servers and software that guarantees fast response times, Godaddy has updated their hardware to keep up with customer base increases over the past decade.

Response time of site hosted on Arvixe

Max Response Time: 2.1 seconds

Minimum Response Time: 900.0 milliseconds

Arvixe Response time

Response time of site hosted on GoDaddy

Max Response Time: 4.1 minutes
Minimum Response Time: 483.08 milliseconds

GoDaddy Server Response time

★ Winner Godaddy. Godaddy’s superior server software beats Arvixe because the company have made constant improvements to their datacenters.

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Benchmark Test

The benchmark test measures Average Transfer Rates, Time Per Requests and other website and server statistics that can greatly affect the performance of your website and business.

While Godaddy has more experience than Arvixe, the company is huge, a factor that often breeds problems with tackling overall performance. Customers have stated that transfer rates tend to be slow, especially for those with large databases and steady traffic amounts.

Since private servers are extremely expensive, Arvixe ensures that transfer rates are adequate for the amount of bandwidth used. Arvixe can accomplish this goal because they’ve been able to manage growth since their inception in 2003.

★ Winner Arvixe. Arvixe continues to handle steady growth properly and ensure their customers are well taken care of.

Customer Support

Arvixe VS Godaddy customer supportCustomer support is important as well, even if you’re a pro at designing and developing websites. Most issues that occur with hosting plans must be solved by the company themselves, which means someone should be available by phone or chat 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When multiple calls and chats were placed with Godaddy support, we discovered that the company’s tech team were unable to fix basic server memory issues for WordPress installs. We asked to increase amount of memory so that a premium theme could be uploaded, and they informed us a change in the code needed to happen. In the end, the problem wasn’t resolved.

We asked the same question when we called Arvixe customer support. When speaking with them, they offered to help fix the problem immediately. We also spent less time waiting for someone to answer the phone.

★ Winner Arvixe. While both companies offer 24/7 hosting support, Arvixe has mastered the flow of customers through the system and hired enough skilled programmers to get the job done.

Control Panel and Demo

Both Arvixe and Godaddy, like other major hosting companies, use the WHM cPanel that makes it very easy for people to find and use a variety of hosting features, including one-click installs like WordPress, FTP, database customization tools and file storage.

Godaddy uses a unique cPanel that allows its customers to manage multiple websites and delegate access to freelancers and developers. This feature is perfect for small to medium sized agencies who need an easy way to manage their clients.

The Arvixe cPanel offers basic functionality. While it is possible for first time users to navigate their way through each function, it will likely take them than if they were to use Godaddy.

 Arvixe cPanel:  Try Demo

GoDaddy control panel : Have a Demo

★ Winner Tie. Goddady has one of the easiest control panels to use and is a great platform for freelancers.

GoDaddy Vs Arvixe: Credibility

Credibility is measured by how honest a company is regarding the services they offer and the happiness of both current and former hosting customers.

Both Godaddy and Arvixe have run into credibility issues. As early as October of 2015, Arvixe experienced major downtimes when the company was transferring to new servers. Customers were extremely upset and many of them didn’t receive refunds. Godaddy on the other hand, has been in hot water for false advertising the performance of their hosting services.

Both companies are well known and widely respected by their customers, and both have taken steps to ensure their credibility remains intact. Vast improvements by Arvixe and their dedication to honest and open advertising makes them a favorite for this test.

★ Winner Arvixe. Arvixe has consistently shown that they truly care about their customers, and the company has always been honest about any problems they’ve encountered.

Arvixe Vs Godaddy: Which One Should You Choose?

Both Godaddy and Arvixe are popular among both web developers and private consumers. For this head to head review, we recommend you go with Arvixe. The company has been named as one of the “Fastest Growing Companies in America” and have continued to improve their customer service department and servers to account for customer base growth.

The Arvixe control panel, while somewhat confusing at first, is very easy to learn after a couple of hours of dedicated time. Arvixe offers a variety of great benefits to its hosting customers, including:

  • SSL Certificates
  • Free Domain Name for Life
  • A Variety of One Click Install Applications
  • Free Website Backups

Arvixe Total Score: 5/7

Godaddy Total Score: 2/7

Arvixe is the winner in this matchup.

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