Arvixe Vs Bluehost (Dec 2018) – Which is Right for You?

Arvixe Vs Bluehost (Dec 2018) – Which is Right for You?

Noor B
November 5, 2018

Updated: December 1, 2018

Arvixe vs BluehostThis head to head review of Arvixe vs Bluehost puts an up and coming web hosting company against one of the most well known hosting giants in the world. Both offer a lot of value to their customers, especially when it comes to reliability and hosting add-on features. We have also reviewed HostGator vs Bluehost in another post in this blog.

Arvixe Vs. Bluehost Tests

The following tests were performed on each hosting service provider to determine which one came out on top:

  • Arvixe Vs. Bluehost: Uptime
  • Arvixe Vs. Bluehost: Website Speed
  • Server Response Time
  • Benchmark Test
  • Customer Support
  • Control Panel and Demo of Control Panel
  • Credibility

Arvixe Vs. Bluehost: Uptime

Arvixe offers an uptime guarantee of 99.9% with each of their hosting plans. If a customer experiences less uptime than their guarantee, Arvixe will refund them for the entire month of hosting. They’re able to offer such a guarantee because of what they call the “Arvixe Advantage”; their personalized support system that includes a team of server specialists and programmers that work around the clock to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Bluehost offers a similar uptime guarantee, but with an extra feature that most hosting companies have yet to implement. One of their hosting plans, known as “Cloud Sites” stores the actual website in the cloud and on two other separate devices. While Arvixe offers Cloud Hosting as well, Bluehost  doesn’t charge extra for the service, and if something were to happen to the website that caused it to crash, the backup version of the website would automatically take over.

We are currently tracking uptime of several web hosting companies with a help of a popular uptime tracking tool called Host-tracker. Here is the uptime of website hosted under Arvixe and Bluehost for last several month.

Site Hosted On Arvixe

Site Hosted On Bluehost

★ Winner Arvixe is the winner because they use a unique redundant system to ensure its websites are up nearly 100 percent of the time, which places the company just above Bluehost for this test.

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Arvixe Vs. Bluehost: Website Speed

Website speed is essential for any business because slow load times often result in high bounce rates. Both Bluehost and Arvixe offer a variety of specialized hosting packages, including Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and Magento.

We tested hundreds of websites for both hosting companies. For a  typical website of 1 MB page size,  Arvixe load times averages around 1.2 seconds, while Bluehost websites averaged around 1.64 seconds. While the difference in load times is less than a half a second, this gap increased dramatically when website speed was tested on websites with flash graphics and video backgrounds.

Speed Of Website Hosted on Arvixe

Arvixe Website Speed test

Speed Of Website Hosted on Bluehost

Bluehost Website Speed test

★ WinnerArvixe is the winner and outpaced Bluehost by nearly a half second.

Server Response Time

Server response time, similar to website speed, is also an essential factor that must be considered when looking into both Arvixe and Bluehost.

Bluehost guarantees faster speeds for its “Business Pro” hosting customers. This means that customers will likely have to pay more money to guarantee that servers respond to requests from the website in a reasonable timeframe.

Arvixe offers the same server response time regardless of which package is purchased. They can do this because, since the company was founded in 2003, they’ve used superior servers and software within their data centers.

We tested load time and server response time of websites hosted on HostGator and Bluehost using Load Impact App.

Response time of site hosted on Arvixe
[View-Graph] Max Response Time: 2.1 seconds

Minimum Response Time: 900.0 milliseconds

Arvixe Response time

Response time of site hosted on Bluehost

Max Response Time: 2.6 seconds

Minimum Response Time: 915.53 milliseconds

Bluehost server response time
Bluehost server response time

★ Winner Arvixe is the winner of this test. The company has always used exceptional server equipment that allows them to offer faster server response times for their customers.

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Benchmark Test

The Benchmark tests a variety of factors that should be considered when you purchase hosting, including the Average Transfer Rate, Time Per Request and more.

With more years of experience and a solid growth plan under their belt, Bluehost has been able to keep up with the swelling amount of customers that flock to purchase their hosting services. They’ve been able to keep these key metrics at a manageable level, which means websites hosted with them perform well when multiple requests are initiated at once.

★ WinnerBluehost is the clear winner for this test. Arvixe needs to grow with the needs of its customer base and expand their server storage at the same time.

Customer Support

Arvixe vs bluehost customer support

Quality of customer support should be one of the most important factors that goes into choosing a hosting company. Both Arvixe and Bluehost do a great job with customer support.

Bluehost offers live chat, phone support and self-answer feature that lists most of the common questions. Their customer support team is available 24 hours a day however, it seemed to take longer for a support rep to answer a chat request and phone request when we tested the system during nighttime hours.

Arvixe is also very well known for the exceptional level of customer service they provide to their customers. While the company did run into trouble in October of 2015 with long wait times while employees were upgrading servers, Arvixe solved the problem immediately by hiring more customer support employees that were well trained and focused on fixing every problem as efficiently as possible. Arvixe offer a number of different support outlets, including an open forum, 24/7 phone number, live chat feature, and a team of programmers that work around the clock just incase a major hosting problem occurs.

★ WinnerThe “Arvixe Advantage” program that was recently implemented by the company has propelled them way ahead of Bluehost for web hosting support.

Control Panel and Demo

Arvixe uses the WHM cPanel that is pretty standard for nearly every hosting companies. The demo of the control panel is easy to navigate and allows you to access various files, webmail applications, myPHP admin, traffic statistics and more. One-click install applications like WordPress seem to be lacking, and are likely hidden underneath a section within the cPanel.

Bluehost offers what is called the “cPanel test drive” where prospective customers can interact with the control panel and gain access to basic instructions for utilization purposes. The Bluehost cPanel is attractive, easy-to-use, and all One-Click install applications are located on the front page.

 Arvixe cPanel:  Try Demo

Bluehost cPanel: Try Demo

★ WinnerBluehost wins the control panel test. The company has focused on making the cPanel attractive and user friendly, even for those who have never built a website before.

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Both companies are well known for providing exceptional web hosting services. The level of credibility is often a good indicator of your future experience with a particular hosting company, because user feedback is the driving force behind credibility issues.

Bluehost has been around longer than Arvixe however, that does not mean it is any more or less credible as a hosting company. When analyzed separately, Bluehost is currently experiencing issues with customers purchasing web hosting packages without knowing that they had to pay for the entire term of the package upfront. Bluehost only offers one price for each level but never mentions that customers need to purchase the entire year until they reach the payment page, and while the company clearly states that their contracts are month-to-month, customers have complained that paying for the entire term upfront feels like an extended contract anyway.

Arvixe has not been immune to credibility issues either. The company faced upset customers that experienced downtimes in October of 2015 and extended customer support wait times. Since then, the company has rebounded with a larger team of support specialists and updated servers that can support larger customer bases. Arvixe has also improved their redundant server systems to maximize guaranteed uptime  for its customers.

★ Winner Arvixe has consistently been able to prove their credibility, especially when it comes to solving major issues and responding to specific customer requests. According to website developers and business owners, Bluehost continues to deceive customers by not properly stating their pricing rules before someone enters their credit card information.

Arvixe Vs Bluehost: Which Hosting Company is Right for You?

While both Arvixe and Bluehost are widely popular, our recommendation is to go with Arvixe. As one of the “Fastest Growing Companies in America” according to Inc. 500, Arvixe has handled this growth spirt brilliantly by upgrading their servers, expanding their datacenter and increasing their customer support staff.

Whether you’re new to the website building world or have dozens of websites under your belt, Arvixe will be able to handle any needs you have. Arvixe also offers a number of exceptional tools and applications for prospective customers, including:

  • Numerous One-Click Install applications like WordPress and Joomla.
  • Free Domain Name for Life
  • Daily Website and File Backups
  • Spam Protection Software
  • Affordable SSL Certificates

Arvixe Total Score: 5/7

Bluehost Total Score: 2/7

Arvixe is the clear winner in this Arvixe vs Bluehost battle.

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