About InlineHostBlogger

Finding the right hosting company for your website is crucial to its success. Not only will it help in getting your brand more exposure on the net, but it can also enhance sales and customers’ experience with your company. No one likes an unresponsive website! But with so hosting companies to choose from, trying to find the right one for your business can be very frustrating.

At InlineHostBlogger, we want to change that for you!

While researching different web hosting companies, Alan Lindsay and Richard Headley couldn’t find any real, honest reviews of services. Everything out there was either fake, missing important facts or just entirely wrong. When they couldn’t find a site that provided them with real and honest reviews like they wanted, they were determined to do something about it.

To fill the void for others searching the for the same thing, the two friends took it upon themselves to review web hosting companies and their services and started InLineHostBlogger back in 2008. They devoted the site to being an authoritative source for honest reviews and opinions on today’s top hosting companies and the many services they offer customers.

Since there are numerous web hosting companies on the market today, it’s sometimes hard to figure out which one is right for you. Our mission is to help users find the perfect web hosting company that fits their needs. Whether it’s a basic package for newbies or an intensive package for web veterans, we review it all!

Our reviews, comparisons and opinions are meant to make this decision easier. We also want our blog to help users recognize what is wrong with their current hosting company and what choices are suitable for there company, product, etc. Because with the right hosting company, your business can reach new heights!

Although we started off as two devoted bloggers, we’ve grown throughout the years and now have more than 10 experts contributing to our site, testing and reviewing a variety of web hosting companies and their services. And thanks to our hard work and honest and truthful reviews, we’re now an officially recognized site by search engines like Google and Yahoo, with traffic and exposure growing each day.

So don’t just settle for any website hosting company, choose one that really matters and use our reviews to help you make that choice!