A Mini Guide to Making Your Website Stand Out

While it will take much keyword research, blogger outreach and media exposure to generate substantial traffic to your website, you can guarantee your visitors will not browse for long if your site appears unattractive, unhelpful and uninteresting.

If you want to convince people to explore your site once they arrive on a landing page, you should read this mini guide to making your website stand out.

Hire a Reputable Web Designer

A template web theme will make people want to click away from your site. To separate your brand from its rivals, you must hire a reputable web designer to transform your WordPress site.

Also, while you might have a vision for your site, you shouldn’t disregard their advice or opinions, as they will have extensive experience creating professional, attractive sites for clients in various industries.

Publish High Quality, Interesting Content

While Google’s algorithm has shifted, new social media channels have emerged, and different SEO tactics have been employed throughout the decades; the importance of high-quality, informative content has remained unchanged.

For a user to place their trust in your brand, you must produce and publish the highest quality content onto your landing pages. It cannot only convert a user into a loyal customer, but exceptional copy can also help your site to climb up the search engine rankings and knock your competitors off the top spot. Focus on writing high quality, interesting content your target audience will want to share with others.

Skip the Stock Photos

Stock photos can appear cheap and unprofessional on a website. To prevent a high bounce rate, it is wise to skip the boring photos and feature either images taken by a professional photographer or incorporate behind-the-scenes snaps of your business.

You also could search for high-quality photographs online to complement your brand and content. If, however, you don’t know who to credit for the original shot, you could use the reverse image tool to find similar images online and discover the original source of a photograph. High-quality, natural shots will make your site more aesthetically pleasing and can increase your brand’s credibility.

Feature High-Quality Videos

It has been reported that 72% of customers would prefer to learn about a product or service by watching a video over reading text. If you want to differentiate your site from your rivals, you should use video to introduce an item, service or an insight to your visitors. It will establish a personality and tone of voice for your brand, boost consumer trust and could help people to make an informed decision on a product or service.

An Engaging ‘About Us’ Page

Don’t underestimate the power of an interesting ‘About Us’ page. It can define your company’s voice, will allow you to share your story and could help to humanize your business, which can make your brand more relatable, likeable and trustworthy.

You must, therefore, include the founders’ stories, showcase your talented team to your visitors and allow them to learn more about your company’s history, mission and values.

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