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Choosing a reliable web hosting will always give you an advantage of having a website that will give your reader’s a great time in accessing, navigating and loading different types of post, pages in your website. I have done many cross battle review of top web hosting companies on this blog, and this time I will write a SiteGround Vs Bluehost review and help you explore different aspects of web hosting w.r.t to both SiteGround and Bluehost.

Bluehost was found in 2003, whereas SiteGround made its entry into hosting only during 2004. Both companies are quite experienced, but SiteGround has recently added many innovative and unique features which help us in building our website with no worries. After reading this review, I am pretty sure that you will be able to select one among these hosting companies.

Performance, Reliability and Speed test

SiteGround and Bluehost offers 99.99% uptime guarantee. I have mentioned in my other blog post about Bluehost’s unexpected downtime in the month of January, February which gave them the uptime below 98%. Other than that 2 major downtime, they were successful in providing reliability in the proceeding months.

I didn’t quite see anything that tells about a major downtime of SiteGround. Moreover, they were up more than 99.99% times during last 1 year. They pretty much have the most reliable servers in the entire web hosting industry. Nevertheless, you can refer the below given fact and understand about their stable uptime of 99% in last 5-6 years.

SiteGround review

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I have been exploring different web hosting companies for the past several years and there have been many companies that won my heart with their tone of services. I take a break of 3-4 weeks before writing  a new hosting review after every time I finish writing one, this is done so that I update myself with honest facts about the next web hosting company that I am going to review.

This SiteGround review contains great insights into different aspects of SiteGround such as their Prices, Plans, Customer support, Performance and User Interface. After reading this review, I am hopeful that my readers will be able to make the right choice regarding hosting their website with SiteGround.


Plans, Prices And Features

SiteGround has plans for all requirements. They have three shared hosting plans, namely StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek. StartUp is the most basic plan and comes with the option to host a single website and costs around $3.95/mo. The other two plans allow multiple domain hosting and costs $7.95/mo and $14.95/mo respectively. If you are running a high traffic website, then it’s time for you to take on Cloud hosting, which will cost you $68.95/mo. SiteGround’s Dedicated server plans start at $229.00/mo and extend up to $429.00/mo and provide you with completely dedicated to you and fully managed hardware

Every shred hosting plan has the essential features mentioned below:

  • Free Domain name
  • Free Website transfer
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Free Cloudfare CDN.(* Allow us to display cached page during downtime.)
  • Unlimited E-mails and daily backup.

iPage Vs Godaddy Vs Fatcow

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For the past few years, web hosting companies have grown significantly to more than 1000’s of providers, this gives us a wider choice of web hosting company that fits into all our website requirements. Since web hosting is the core part of your website, you should be careful not to fall into any of the pit drawn by the aggressive, attractive marketing strategy of some lower class web hosting companies.

For last one decade, Godaddy, iPage and Fatcow have been enriching their customers with high class web hosting services. Godaddy accounts for more than 50% of total domains in the world and is the biggest among its competitor. They have more than one hundred thousand servers spread across several continents to take care of those domains. iPage and Fatcow may not seem to have such high number like Godaddy, but they are pretty much have the same level when it comes to quality of hosting offered to their customers.

Performance Test: iPage Vs Godaddy Vs Fatcow

Performance is as important as any other web hosting aspects, this is why we have decided to write about performance at the beginning of this review.We have conducted several tests to determine the performance of these three web hosting.

These Include: Click on the each given link to expand their detailed comparison

1) Godaddy vs iPage Vs Fatcow- Uptime Report

iPage Vs Godaddy Vs Fatcow- Uptime Report

This is one main reason that tends people to change a particular web hosting company. After doing some heavy research within our industry, we were able to provide the real uptime of these three web hosting companies in the below graph.


Winner:- Godaddy - Fulfilled it’s 99.99% uptime guarantee throughout the testing period 

2) Godaddy vs iPage Vs Fatcow- Website Speed test

Godaddy vs iPage Vs Fatcow- Website Speed Test

High speed website for all your traffic increase the quality of time given to your readers. We did a Pingdom test to depict the speed of the website running with these three web hosting companies.

 Godaddy-Vs-iPage-Vs-Fatcow-speed test

Winner:- Godaddy- Godaddy have servers all around the world, you are guaranteed to have high speed website for all your traffic.  

1) Godaddy vs iPage Vs Fatcow- Benchmark Test

Godaddy vs iPage Vs Fatcow- Benchmark Test

Benchmark test were conducted for typical web pages hosted on Godaddy, iPage and Fatcow. Below, we have given the result.

Godaddy-Vs-iPage-Vs-Fatcow- benchmark test


Winner:- Godaddy- Better Server response and Page speed score compared to other two hosting companies. 

Prices, Plans and Features

I possess a special offer for you, if you care to purchase Godaddy Economic plan. Get Godaddy economic plan worth $112/year for just $12/ year with one year free domain registration. Refer end of this post for the discounted link.

I need another thousand words to explain plans, prices and features of these web hosting companies. Instead, I think the below images will give you a better understanding about their overall pricing structures.


Godaddy  prices, plans and features


iPage Prices, Plans And features



All these 3 hosting companies change their prices, plans and feature regularly, so click the below given link to update yourself with their recent plans.


Customer Support

Customer support help us in mediating with our web hosting whenever something unexpected happens with our website. Godaddy feature 24/7 call in support for over 42 countries, ticketing system and an informative forum. Their call in support wait time is less than 10 second and they never fail in calling us back, if a call gets disconnected for any reason.Their ticketing system typically responds within 2 hours of initially reaching them.

iPage and Fatcow features 24/7 live chat, toll free US citizen, ticketing system and informative forum.

iPage waiting time: Live chat: 5-10 minutes

Ticketing system:5-24 hour depending upon on our services.

Billing related tickets will be responded within 1 hour.

Fatcow Waiting time: Live chat: 5-10 minutes

Ticketing system: 5-24 hours

Winner:- Godaddy- Very fast and knowledgeable customer support team, call in support is excellent.

Control Panel

The Control panel is a very important functionality that helps us in managing and controlling our website from head to tail. Godaddy comes with a choice of choosing between 2 of the most popular control panel in the world, cPanel and Plesk. cPanel would be a more obvious choice since its very simple and easy to use. Moreover, cPanel provide more accessibility to many one click script installer like WordPress, Joomla etc.

Both Fatcow and iPage uses vDeck control panel, which is quite different w.r.t to cPanel. It lacks features and will be difficult for new comers to understand its functionality.

Winner:- Godaddy- cPanel is the best control panel in the world, It’s proven. Moreover, vDeck control panel are not so user friendly.

Final Verdict: iPage Vs Godaddy Vs Fatcow

Fatcow was an easy elimination since it didn’t match the quality of Godaddy and iPage at any aspects. Even though iPage is a quality hosting company that grew subsequently in the past few years, it needs to improve its uptime and server hardware to compete with a mass company like Godaddy.

Why you should choose Godaddy over iPage and Fatcow?

  1. You can choose servers depending on the majority of traffic you receive. Just contact their customer care for setting up servers at your specified location.
  2. Choice of choosing between Windows and Linux operating system.
  3. Most accessible control panel in the name of cPanel.
  4. Their security team protect our website from hackers, viruses and malwares.
  5. Average of over 99% uptime.
  6. Excellent toll free call in support for over  42 countries, which promises a weight time of less than 10 second.
  7. Initially you can get their hosting for as low as $12/year with one year domain registration by clicking any of the link shown below. Offer will be activated only during the final cart checkout.
  8. Special plans and features for WordPress websites.

Maximum Discount On Godaddy and iPage

Get Godaddy Economic Hosting for as low as $12/year with one year free domain registration. Discount will be applied during final cart. Click on the below link.



Get iPage shared hosting account worth $112/year for just $25/year. Discount will be applied on final checkout. Discount will be applied once you click the below given button.



Disclosure: We are a group of Webmasters who strives on providing honest web hosting review after expert evaluation of different web hosting aspects, and ranks web hosting accordingly. We do receive compensation for all the product we review and this help us in financing all the things needed to  fulfill our requirements. All the products are tested and evaluated before writing this review.

Siteground Coupon

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SiteGround coupon


SiteGround is a Web hosting company founded by few university students in 2004. From then on, company has grown into a World class hosting provider which proudly host more than 32,000 domains and currently has 140 employees.

SiteGround provides exciting discounts and coupons throughout the year. For now, My promotional link will give you discount of 60% off on their Start Up plan, 50% off on their Grow Big Plan and 50% off on their Go Geek Plan. This is a limited time offer and sometime you won’t get such discounts in future.

Godaddy Vs Bluehost

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Cross battle hosting reviews have been a great boon for those people who are confused about having to choose between any two web hosting companies. Now you will see such reviews for any hosting pairs, let it be even a pair of unpopular hosting. Today I am going to write a cross battle review of two of most successful web hosting company who has inspired many other hosting network with their marketing strategy.

Bluehost and Godaddy, This is two hosting company that I am going to compare in this Post. Godaddy is an independent company and mainly known for its vast domain registration center, I have found that Godaddy hosts 54% of total websites in the world. Bluehost may not have such huge number, but they are not too back, they are one of the first hosting network to start paid hosting service and host more than 2 million websites.

They are well experienced and you can expect quality services from both these hosting companies. This Godaddy Vs Bluehost review will establish the difference between these web hosting companies so that you can pick the right hosting for your websites.